Insomnia cure – 5 easy natural remedies for treating insomnia (Guest post)

By Manushi
Insomnia Cures – In today’s hectic routine and stressful life many of us face multiple side effects like weight dis-balance, migraine problems, serious illness and insomnia. I’ve been suffering from sleeping problem from past 2-3 years. It started off as a minor discrepancy in the daily sleep routine, and has now become a serious problem. There are millions all over the world who suffer from serious sleeping disorder and if they are able to snatch an hour or two of sleep at night they consider themselves very fortunate.

                          Don’t you wish to sleep like him ?

With discussions from my physician and personal experience, I have learnt that this problem cannot be cured completely but it can be tackled to some extent. Below are a few natural cures which have helped me and might help Wise She readers as well –
1.       Take 100gm cumin seeds and fry them in ghee and then finely ground them into powder. Add to this mixture a mashed banana and eat every night before you go to sleep. This helps in getting uninterrupted sleep.
2.       Add pinch of nutmeg powder in 1tsp. of honey and take it regularly .This helps in getting rid of insomnia.
3.       Some food items such as butter, green vegetables, yogurt and fruits help in treating sleep disorder. Nuts and pulses which are rich in vitamin B should be eaten regularly and as always the best things of the world chocolates – should always be avoided 
4.       Honey is talked of since ages in getting rid of insomnia. Add some honey in a glass of water and drink every night before going to bed. This will help you in getting good sleep.
5.       You can also have honey with milk. Take a glass of warm milk and mix it with honey and drink every night for a peaceful sleep.



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