Instagram Beauty II 5 Bold Beauty Lessons from Instagram Celebs


Hello, ladies!

Do you love your makeup to be bold and outrageous? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and seek attention? Well the, you surely love those bold and out-of-the-world Instagram celebs that are taking the makeup world on fire! These Instagram celebs are creators in their own sense. They inspire, create and also are the source of inspiration for others. And if you are one among those girls, who are inspired by their art but don’t know how to recreate it, well then this is your post, girl. Instagram celebs are giving 5 beauty lessons that can surely make your art look better and bolder. Read on!

5 Bold Beauty Lessons from Instagram Celebs:

  • Look for inspiration around you


Inspiration is the prime element of an art. Painters and all other artists used to have muses of their own to gain inspiration from. You can gain inspiration from various natural things like birds, plants, sky and all. Instagram stars also take inspiration from everyday life and so can you!

  • Practice makes you perfect

Well, this is not only applicable for maths but also for makeup. Before starting off with any look, make sure to practise it on paper. Visualise the graphic and then draw an eye on the paper. Then design accordingly. This will help in the better implementation of the design.

  • Perfect your art

When you are in the process of something creative, lack of essential products or accessories will ruin your mood. So make sure to collect everything before hand. You know what you want to create and so plan your steps accordingly. Always keep gel liners in stock more than liquid liners. They dry our easily and also are really comfortable to apply. And yes, makeup remover and Q-tips are a must to fix any mistake.

  • Patience is gold

When you are creating something out of the box, the only thing that can sell you through is patience. It may happen that it won’t work out the first, second or even the third time, make sure to give some time and make yourself perfect in that thing.

  • Let your work do the noise

Well, when you will do something bold, be ready to accept loads of criticism. People will shower you with negative comments and this happens to our Insta celebs too! They get loads of negativity but they let their work make the noise which attracts lovers like us!

That’s all folks!

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