Instagram Updates From Wiseshe: Loreal Hair Color, Yummy Chocolate Muffins & Latest Reviews


Instagram Updates From Wiseshe: Loreal  Hair Color, Yummy Chocolate muffins  & Latest reviews

Hello Folks,

A fantabulous week just went by and I am here again with the latest updates from Instagram where happen to update all my likes & eye catching stuff!

Those who follow me on there are already aware of my whereabouts but I am here for the lovely WiseShe readers to show a glimpse of my life on Instagram!

Recently I shared my views of Sephora Moisture Mask  which was a complete dud for me as it gave me horrible breakouts. I am happy I didn’t buy the four packs at the first time only other wise it would have been a total waste of money.


Sephora instant moisture mask review

Regular readers of Wiseshe must have spotted this post where I am seen flaunting my new hairstyle & new hair color! Well I ma blessed to have you all who showered me with the best compliments while some (Tarun :-p) were really upset that I cut my long hair!!

Loreal hair colouring casting creme

colored hair wiseshe hair loreal

I also happened to make these egg less whole wheat 5 minutes muffins this week drawing inspiration from Kanan’s Cream Cheese filled chocolate muffins on Baby Blog. Well, it was loved by everyone at home & I really enjoyed this heavenly tasting sweet treat!


Recently, I spotted these Stevia healthy sweeteners available which are not only natural but really good for the overall health! You may get more info about these here.


Sharing a great DIY idea to get rid of the ugly blackheads is this unique mixture of cinnamon & nutmeg powder! More detailed information is available here.


Yours truly is really drowsy here and done for the day! So wishes good night wishes just before crashing off to bed! Of course after removing the makeup girlsss! :-p


So, here this week also comes to a beautiful end which much more exciting stuff to happen over the weekend! Stay tuned Beauties!

See Yaa!



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