Instant Aam ka paani/Aam panna/Green mango drink

Aam panna is one of the most loved drink during summers.It refreshes you up and is best to drink while going out in the sun.It makes you feel relaxed and saves you from heat strokes too.

Ingredients: Serves 4-5

Roasted cumin seeds powder(Bhuna hua jeera) 1tsp
Jeera ( Cumin Seeds ) 1 Teaspoon
4tbsp Sugar
Black salt(Kala namak)1 tsp
Salt 1tsp
Black pepper 1 tsp
Water 3 glasses
Chopped pudina leaves(Mint leaves)Optional


1.If you don’t have roasted cumin seed powder then dry roast the seeds in a pan without oil and crush them into powder.Keep it aside.

2.Pressure cook the mangoes with 2 glasses of water.It generally takes 3-4 vessels.Rest depends upon the water quality.Mangoes should get really soft and easy to mash when cool.If you want you can peel the mangoes beforehand and then pressure cook time so that you will not have to peel them off later.

3.When mangoes get cool peel them off if you didn’t peeled it before hand.

4.Put the pulp in a vessel ,add water and all spices.

5.Blend it into a mixer and taste it.You can add sugar ,salt and other spices according to your taste.

6.Store it in refrigerator to get cool for some time.

7 Garnish with chopped mint .

Kitchen tips

You can store the drink till 2 days.


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