Instant and easy oats breakfast recipe

Oats is a nutritious food which consist of wheat barley and corn.It has high protein and Iron into it.Regular eating of oats helps in maintaining cholesterol level.Helps in maintaining a healthy heart and building stamina.Imparts energy in the body is good for nervous system and promote sound sleep as well.

There are many dishes which can be made out of oats .One of the most common and prevelant in west is as follows.

Ingredients required:-(For 2 adults)

1/2cup Oats
(There are wide varieties of oats available in market you can buy any according to your taste and preference)
2 cups milk
Sugar-1-1.5 tsp according to your taste
Half banana
Few slices of apples
Nutmeg powder(optional)
Dry fruits such as walnuts(3-4),almond(3-4) and raisins(3-4)

1.Soak oats over night in 2 cups milk.You can soak them in curd too if you don’t like milk.

2.Add sugar in it.

3.Slice Apple and banana and add them into the oats.

4.Cut dry fruits into pieces ,add them into the oats and mix all ingredients well.You can add nutmeg powder(jaifal) into it for more taste and flavor.

Your instant oats breakfast is ready to be served.

Note:If you forget to soak oats in the milk then you can microwave oats in milk for 3-4 minutes or can cook them on stove as well. have it hot or cold according to preference and season.


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