Instant and quick face pack for glowing skin

Life is hectic and still everyone wants to achieve perfection especially when it comes to beauty. Whenever we want to go out in a party we always try to look our best. We wear our best dresses, make up and jewelry but due to paucity of time we skip the parlor round although we know that our skin is looking dull and life less. To get that instant glow on your face below here are some easy homemade packs which will pep up your skin ,will make you feel special and you will not repel skipping your parlor too.

Previously I had written one beauty tip for enhancing complexion and glow. To read about it you can click here. Below here I am putting up all the instant glow packs which my friends and I have tried and reaped benefits from it.

1. Mash a banana, put 1tsp of vegetable oil into it and mix it properly. Now apply this mixture on your face generously for 20 minutes. When you apply this mixture avoid taking a very soft banana because when you put it on your face it will keep coming off and will ruin your dress. Ideally you should ask someone else to apply it on your face and you should comfortably sit on a chair or lay down on the bed after applying it.

2. Take 1 egg white and mix 1tsp of honey into it. Keep it for 20 minutes before you wash it off with water.

3. Take 1tsp of butter and 1tsp of water. Apply on the dry parts of your skin for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. This face pack is suitable for dry skin.

4. This one is easy and I generally use to do it whenever my mother used to cut papaya for me. Mash papaya and add 1 tsp. of lemon juice into it. Now apply it for 20 minutes and rinse it off with water. This face pack is useful for normal and oily skin.

5.Take your blender and put half apple slices ,1 egg yolk,2tsp any oil of your choice,1tbsp honey and 1tbp vinegar. Blend all the ingredients and apply this on your face for 20 minutes and get a magical glow. This face pack is suitable for normal skin

6. For permanent glow on your skin you can use our good old beauty product which is gram flour, add 2tsp of milk in it and squeeze in half a lemon into it. Apply the mixture on you face for 15 minutes thrice a week and wash it off with water. Suits all skin type .Dry skin people can add 1tsp glycerin into it.

7. Oily skin people can apply mixture of orange and tomato juice on face for 20 minutes and rinse it off with water.


  1. I like the papaya and the last tip .. good for me .. I have oily skin and I stay AWAY from oils and any kind of moisture 😀

  2. i wanna ask somthng…it may sound silly mom says dat using honey wil giv grey i am really scared to try honey in face packs…do u thnk honey really givs grey hair??

  3. Hey any remedy for getting rid off dark circles please??
    Also I have wheatish complexion so can I use almond oil or coconut oil as moisturiser in day and night??

  4. Hi,pls help me with a quick remedy for face and neck glow as my neck is darker than face,cos I am getting married in a week!, I have oily skin what kind of home remedy will u recommend or best facial for instant glow!! Pls pls help me


  5. multani mitti mixed with besan is the best face pack……beutiful and glowing………….frds try it …..its …wonderrrfulllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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