Instant Chicken Quesdilla


Below chicken recipe has been marinated with beer.There are many uses of beer apart from drinking it.To know about amazing uses of beer click here.

Ingredients-Serves 3-4

(For marination)
Chicken 500 gms
Beer 100 ml
2 tbsp Cooking oil
1/2tsp oregano
salt to taste
Black pepper crushed 1/4tsp
Malt vinegar 20ml

(For mixture)
Cheese grates 100 gm
1 spring onion
bell pepper 20gms
corn 20gms
flour tortilla(you can use corn tortilla as well 10 pieces)


1.Marinate the chicken with the ingredients above
2.Saute the chicken and then chop it up.
3.Mix the chopped chicken with cheese and add chopped spring onions,bell pepper and corn.
4.Place it n between flour/corn tortilla and grill it up on a flat top.
5.Serve with sauce of your choice.You can use tomato salsa or guacmole.


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