Instant Hair Pack for premature grey hair


Many packs can be made to cover grey strands but due to paucity of time collecting all things at one place becomes a cumbersome activity.Here is a simple face pack which doesn’t require many ingredients and give beautiful brown shade to your hair.

1/2cup Mehandi(Henna powder according to hair length)
Half lemon juice
1tbsp instant coffee powder

Mix all the ingredients together and apply it on your hair thoroughly.You can use hair dye brush and cover all hair like the way hair coloring is done.Keep it for 1 hour and wash it off with water .You can use shampoo if you want.

Use this pack Once or twice a month .Mehandi has a tendency to dry hair so keep oiling your hair once in a week.Hot oil hair treatment is best for conditioning your hair.You can read about hair oil treatment here.

Instant Hair Pack For Premature Grey Hair


  1. i dont like the red colour the mehandi gives, that is why i use hair colouris there any way by which the red colour can be avoided

  2. yes you can get black color by adding shikakai powder in it..Don't add curd if you are adding this powder .This will give black color to your hair.

  3. ash your hair properly so that no oil or dust remains in your hair and dry your hair before using the paste.Preparation-Take half liter water and put it in (lohe ki kadhaai-it’s a black vessel found easily in India ),add 100 grams amla powder into it. Make this mixture of water and amla in kadhai and keep it over night. In morning boil the mixture in the kadhaai itself till the mixture turns black in color. Add 25gram mehandi(Henna powder)in it ,1 tsp coffee powder and 1 cup white vinegar or lemon juice into it. Remove the mixture from the pan and stir it continuously with a spoon till the mixture turns into a thick paste.Apply this paste on your hair for 2-3 hours and wash it off with cold water. Use this paste twice in a week. Within two three month your hair will turn black ,healthy and long.

  4. Nims if you add color into henna then it won't bring the bright red color which henna give to those who dont like the henna color can add curd..i hope i am able to make it clear:)and whats else is is the weather there?


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