Instant and easy crispy fried okra/lady finger/bhindi recipe with step by step pictures

Crispy fried ladyfinger taste crunchy ,tangy and spicy .It is no where   related to bharwa lady finger or its sabji and is too simple to make.I made it in exact twenty minutes which included cutting of lady finger as well.
Here goes the recipe
Method and preparation-20 minutes
250gm lady finger
1tbsp besan(gram flour)(If you like you can use rice flour too)
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder
oil for frying
1tsp Roasted cumin
1/4tsp chat masala(optional)
aamchoor/dried mango powder(Use 2tsp of lemon if powder is not available)

Step1:Wash lady finger well and dry them with a kitchen towel.Cut them into thin strips.

Step2:Add all the above mentioned masalas in the lady finger .Taste a bit so that you can adjust the masala the way you want .Mix all the ingredients well and sprinkle 2-3 drops of water in the mixture so that they get nicely coated.Don’t go over board with water at all otherwise lady finger will become saggy.
Step3-Take a pan and add oil generously in it.(If you use less oil then lady finger will probably soak away the oil).Add lady finger in it and let them cook on medium heat for about a minute .Do not put all the lady finger in a go otherwise they will stick to each other.Let them have some space to float.
Step4-Take them out when you see little golden color on them in a paper towel.


Step5-Serve them hot and crisp.

I generally like to eat it along with dal and rice.Just like pakora  it wont go with your paratha and roti.

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