Instant refreshing watermelon juice in summer

Only good things about summer is the fruits which it offers .You can play with fruits by making custard, fruit cakes, yummy raitas , ice-creams and juices too. Eating all these mouthwatering things not only refreshes but bring extra glow on the skin as well.

Previously we had discussed about water melon and many diseases which can be cured though it.To know how this fruit helps in curing lot many diseases click here.

Recipe of watermelon juice is little different then common one. This is because I have added some healthy ingredients also which I learnt from my grand mom who use to make this juice every day when we came back from our school. She added little ginger piece in the juice so that our digestion remain healthy and mixed it with 1 orange juice which is loaded with vitamin C and helps in building up our immune system.

Thanks to her I will be able to give my kids the healthy upbringing which I was fortunate enough to get.Here I am sharing it with you my lovable grand ma recipe of watermelon juice.

Ingredients-(For 2 glass)Justify Full

Use red watermelon and don’t ask your shop keeper to cut it with a knife and show it to you. There knife is rusty and unhygienic. Just go with your instinct and buy a dark green color one which is generally of good quality and taste. You can use seedless watermelon which is available in few parts of India. You can also use with seeds watermelon and take the seeds out later on. Cut it half way(the long way) and scoop out the watermelon into a container.

½ inch ginger (nicely shredded so that you don’t get to taste it when you are drinking the juice
1and 1/2 tsp. sugar

2tbsp orange juice (you can use real juice if you want)

Sainda namak(Rock salt)

Black pepper 1/2tsp

Water according to requirement


1. Take a bowl and add watermelon, orange juice and ginger in it.
2. Keep it in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours.
3. Take it out from the fridge and Put all the chilled ingredients in the blender with salt, black pepper and rock salt.

Your refreshing child, nutritious juice is ready.

Kitchen notes:-

1.You can make this juice without ginger and orange juice as well but it won’t be that tangy and nutritious.

2. When ever you are making this juice rub a small slice of it on your face as well.Its a great skin toner too.(Thanks Tanveer for this tip)


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