Instant Tips To Get Rid Of Dull & Stressed Skin


Instant Tips To Get Rid Of Dull & Stressed Skin

Stressed and dull skin has certainly a lot to do with a woman’s mental state! Oh yes, if she doesn’t feel her skin looks good there is no way chocolate or shopping is going to make her happy! First she needs to she herself shining on in the mirror then the rest follows!

Dull skin

The changing climate, sun, lifestyle changes, food habits and sleeping patterns affect the skin adversely! I always wonder why the actresses skin is so flawless! Okay, yeah they are so pretty and have only to take care of their skin and health so what will stress them anyway!! We have so much to look forward to in our daily lives and sometimes in other’s life as well! :-p πŸ˜‰ It is stressful!! Right?

Coming to the post without deviating from my motives, I tried few of the things which worked to keep my skin a little happy and look good without using any high end cosmetic product! πŸ™‚

Here are some of the best ways in which you can also instantly boost your skin when you feel it is all dull out side and your skin is nowhere close to looking good! Try these tips girls!

Lemon Boost-


Oh yes, this is great for the body as well as the skin! So it happened that I got about 2 dozen fresh lemon from the local vegetable market only to realize that they are not going to make me fit by just sitting in the vegetable rack in the refrigerator and so I thought let me use them for my skin if not for drinking! You can use lemon juice in any of your face pack or you can use it with lukewarm water with a cotton swab to get the maximum out of the lemon juice! Never apply lemon directly as it may irritate sensitive skin!

It works for me in most face packs and rest I sometimes mix in my bucket of water while bathing! Try this tip you will thank me! πŸ˜‰


If you feel your skin is too dull to look normal anytime soon, probably you might be missing the crucial weekly exfoliation regime and so indulge in a gentle exfolitaion using brown sugar along with gram flour. You may also use a good exfoliating scrub which suits your skin type and won’t break out your skin!

Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel Scrub

Never scrub the area where there are existing breakouts! It will trigger to form more eruptions!

Using a skin toner-

A skin toner with astringent properties can not only brighten and rejuvenate your skin but also remove the excess impurities from the skin pores which the creamy cleanser couldn’t remove so effectively! It balances out the pH of the skin and gives a fresh glow!

olay toner

BB Cream + Powder-

If you wish to go out but with a fresh glowing face then a BB Cream will be just perfect to give that fresh look to the face. A light dab or a sheer translucent powder will give the natural look and your face will look all bright and lively!


Blush Baby-

When you naturally can’t blush! there is always blush! πŸ™‚ Bad phrase!! Okay I accept!

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder In Peace look

Remember when someone said you looking so pretty and you were blushing!! Yes same! A blush can bright out so much glow to the face that once you perfect its application, you are going to love wearing it more often and will rely on it for the naturally prettyΒ  and glowing look!

Hope you like these instant tips to bright out your skin from dull and stressful mode to happy and lively skin mode! πŸ™‚

Have you tried any of these instant tips?

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