Interesting Foundation Application Product Which You Must Check Out!


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Clicked on the title just by seeing the word foundation? πŸ˜€ Yes, we girls surely love foundation and like how! We can’t have enough of them in our kitty. At least it happens to me all the time, some are too light and some make me look dark. To be very frank, I haven’t found my perfect match yet! πŸ™

4 foundations that photograph well+Clinique superblendable and maybelline dream liquid mousse

But for those lucky fellows who have their perfect match of foundation, their struggle begins with choosing the best application tool for it. I know there are brushes and beauty blenders available but don’t you think they are too old now? If your answer is yes, then my love you are the right place! In this post, we will talk about interesting foundation application products that are an absolute must try! Though they come under the family of blenders and brushes, still they are unique, just like your beauty.  :heart:

Some interesting beauty blenders and sponge:

Sili sponges:


Have you heard about Silisponges? If no, then where are you in this world? Silisponges are actually beauty blenders made with silicon particles. Silicon is known to hold on makeup for the longest time and so this beauty blender along with silicon material will help to make your makeup long lasting and with no patchiness. It looks like a bra insert though. :struggle: but it won’t absorb any product within it. Other than that, it is very easy to clean. Just dip it in soap water and wolla! its as good as new. A new innovation found for your foundation.Β  πŸ˜€

Constantia Beauty naturals sea silk sponges:

natural sea silk sponges

This is the most eco-friendly option available in the beauty blender market for all those environment lovers. These sponges come naturally in varying sizes and you can easily apply the foundation and remove from it in a wink!  πŸ˜‰

These sponges are expensive, I admit but as these are totally natural, won’t do any harm to your skin and will leave your foundation in the most perfect manner.

Now heading towards brushes but with a twist.

RMS beauty skin2skin foundation brush:

skin2skin foundation brush

Generally we complaint about brushes being less dense and not blending foundation properly. Well, this is not going to be the case for this particular baby. The bristles here are very densely packed and are of a varying length to give appropriate pressure on the foundation and blend just like fingers do. So a good natural finish is all you can expect.

Cover FX custom blending brush:

blending brush

CoverFX custom blending brush is another find from this list. This dome-shapped brush is a perfect fit for your palms and spreads foundation like a dream. It has no patchiness and 100% finish. Though the price is quite hefty on pocket, it is totally worth a shot if you want a perfect base for your makeup.

Mac oval 6 brush:

mac oval brush

Mac Oval 6 brush looks like your toothbrush! But no need to grin.. πŸ˜€ as this is not for your teeth. πŸ˜› Okay! bad joke. Now, this brush has intensely dense bristles that can pick up more product and distribute it evenly on the skin. Moreover, it won’t soak any product. No wonder oval brushes are in trend now!

Ecotools foam applicator

sponge applicator

And lastly, if you love your foam applicator and want to stick to that one, then I do have an option for you with a twist! Presenting the foam applicator with a handle.. This handle will let you handle the brush ?:-) and yeah, no makeup on your fingers! How cool is that?

Oh no no wait! I have a new news for you. :rock-n-roll: A new technique is also on the way for blending your makeup and that too is a machine. Yes, you heard it right. Dance with me all the lazy ladies :tap-dance: you don’t have to blend you makeup at all by yourself. Now a machine is there to do that. But this is upcoming. So stay tuned to wiseshe for more updates!

And with this ladies I come to a wrap. These was the list for unusual foudation application techniques for you guys! I hope you will find your match in these.


  1. Thanks alot of Information regarding foundation brushes!! But I recently tried using a scotch bright sponge(Yellow one) and felt really great with the way it worked :p


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