International Cosmetics Brands That I would Love To See In India


International cosmetics brands that I would love to see in India

Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing retail segments in India and the booming Indian cosmetics market offers promising opportunities for well known International brands.

Below is a list of International cosmetics brands that I would like to see in India.


Benefit Hoola bronzer and powder for face contouring
The hoola bronzing powder and thrrrob face powder,  what a duo. Their primers have also made quite a splash.  How many of you reading this desireeeeee one of these?   Benefit cosmetics need to be here.  Hoola, hoola, hoola…we are need Benefit!

Bobbi Brown

blushes bronzer from bobbi brown
This is one lady who knows her cosmetics.  At 55 Bobbi Brown is the current reigning queen of cosmetics….Be it her lip glosses, eye make up, skin care products or face products…..all of her products are best selling items….We want bobbi all over us!


All of us should do our part to save the environment…I’m doing mine by using the Eco tools 5 piece set.  What about you?  Ms. Silverstone….we Indians love the earth too!
blush kabuki blending and eyeshadow ecotools brushes


soft finely milled pupa powders
We often read make-up reviews that talk about the powder or blush being finely milled.  Well Pupa like invented finely milled.  I have used their compact powders and they are awesome. What a flawless finish.  I hope to that Italiano brand is preparing to be in India soon…

Urban Decay

12 naked eyeshadows
Everybody wants to look good NAKED!  Everyone wants their TWELVE gorgeous neutrals.  For the few who own it, oh boy do they make us jealous when theypull this sexy thing outta their bags. Oooooo I wanna get naked!  Urban Decay please hop on the next flight here!

Helena Rubinstein


Helena Rubinstein commonly known as HR cosmetics is the epitome of luxury.   This lady founded the company in 1902 and her products are something else.  Just look at the masacara packaging…That is not paint but pure embossed metal…  HR cosmetics we’d love for to you come to India.

 Which International cosmetics brands would like to see in India?

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  1. Seriously, they are lot many brands & things yet to come to India. I too want Ecotools, because I love their brushes, they are affordable but always have to get them internationally.

  2. pupa came to india ,bombed and went had come ti india a few yrs bk… wht i wud like to see is sephora!!!so we can all have access to urban decay

  3. ha ha loved this post chris..btw ive never heard of Pupa before :/..i want to see some affordable brands like covergirl nyx sleek in india too 😥 😥

    • U know what I realised? I saw a sephora in singapore and china and the prices were sooo mad that it didnt make sense! WHY???? coz they converted $ in the local currency plus add local taxes (which is very high in our case) . I was shocked to see NARS blush sell for more than 2000 in rs terms! 😯
      I just hope if and sephora comes govt gives them incentive to make indian girls pretty!! 😀

      • Oh..thats such a nice of putting it across “incentive to make indian girls pretty”..but seriously..why exactly are they so expensive?? Check TBS, BBW (on or L’Ocittane for e.g…the prices make you cringe 🙁 🙁

        • yaa! they say that India doesn’t have market but when even a high earning person think twice before buying the products then whats the use.

  4. I have used pupa, HR and Eco tools. If I could choose 2 brands for life it would be Hr and pupa…..These were the only things my mom got me in kuwait and they were the best…..

    Now that I know they are in Cal…..I will make sure I get them from there.

    Benefit and UD are up and coming and quite a rage with people now a days.

  5. Well i first off all want the brands existing here to bring the collection in India upto date…I mean Maybelline just launched falsies when i finished one bottle and opened another..What about Revlon Butter????…And yeah as Anamika rightly said i feel really sad when i know i cant find even one the products the youtube gurus suggest..
    i wouldnt mind Macys or Target opening their stores here…then Sally beauty supplies tooo…and J C penny and Kohls and.Barns and Ulta and Sephora and CVS and Walgreens and…… 😀 sorry the list khatam hi nahi honda 😛

  6. i know…acha is neutrogena brand for cosmetics available in India???nahi toh woh bhi pleez wishlist me add kardo.. smashbox…NYC..NYX.Bare Essentuals..Sigma brushes..Laura Marcier..Zoya nailpaint..I know u can order them online..but want counters tooo..Also i want to see offers in INdia like they have in US or buy 2 at the price of 1 or buy 1 get 50 % off types..or even 75% reduction etc etc…wooowww… :hugright: :drool:


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