Interview attire for women and make up tips

                                                               Dressing for an interview
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In western countries women’s attire for a job interview consists of skirts and suits and formal full sleeve shirts but in India wearing a sari is taken pretty well in formal wear too
                                         Formal wear for Indian women
Even in MBA boys were supposed to be in formal suits and we were given formal sari’s as well as suits to wear.(Glad girls are always given choices.We can’t live without them) Many companies like ICICI bank prefer their staff wearing a formal plain sari. You can go for either of these . A navy, black or gray colour formal suit or a plain navy colour sari goes well.
                                          Chanda Kochhar (CEO if ICICI bank in formal Sari)
Wearing skirt is not advisable unless you are working for a fashion house or media related companies’ .You can wear them after your selection but wearing skirts in your interview is not advisable. If you think that skirt is acceptable in your in industry then wear skirt which covers your thighs when you are seated.

Black pump shoes or box heels are the best pair of footwear that women can wear during her interview.
Jewelery and purse for interview
Simple tops and pearl necklace is the best jewellery which can be worn and go with a black leather purse
Make up tips while going for interview
An appropriate make up gives an impression that you are comfortable and confident in giving interview. Below make up tips will help you out in choosing the right make up while going for interview.
1. Don’t apply too much of makeup and give yourself an extra few minutes to blend especially foundation and blush.
2. Use brown, taupe or grey for eye make up. Idea is to give an impression of competency and capability and not of a model.
3. Make sure that your mascara do not clump.
4. Use matte lipstick and not lip gloss for interview. A neutral pink or berry tone are few lippies which look apt for interviews.
5. Shimmer and sparkle are complete No No. You are going for an interview and not for some party
6. If you are addicted to blush (like aaka Tanz)then I will advise a natural looking blush for your skin but personally I feel blush is too much for an interview.
7. When you reach the interview place do not forget to do your touch ups. Check if there is lipstick on your teeth, crumbs around the mouth or anything which is around the nose.
.Using a good eyebrow pencil, two layers of mascara and a natural lip colour can make you look attractive, confident and sophisticated. Walk tall and set the right impression the very first time.
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  1. Very soon i’ll be going to Hotel Taj (Mumbai) for an interview….. So can you help me regarding my attire? Should i wear saree as i am very slim….


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