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A month back Mehr from Cosmopolitan team approached me to interview Kangana Ranaut .She wanted  India’s top most bloggers to have a candid interview with the lady.

Your truly got the chance  interview her.I love Kangana honest and straightforwardness.Her dressing sense and how she made to the industry without acting with “Khans” and choosing substantial role.

You can read the whole interview below πŸ™‚



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We’ve missed seeing you at events and on the red carpet over the last two years- what’s kept you busy?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY ANAMIKA SUREKHA
“It’s not that I’ve been deliberately avoiding appearances, but I don’t go out of my way to walk a red carpet or attend award functions. And I’ve just finished a screenplay writing course from the New York Film Academy. It was a nice experience going back to student life all over again. Then I travelled to Europe and many other places after I finished Revolver Rani. I don’t have a concrete plan for the future. I don’t think that’s the way I function. That’s why I did what I wanted for a while-you don’t always get to do things because there’s always some agenda or plan laid out for us to follow.”

Your latest film, Queen, has had mixed reactions. What made you pick such an offbeat project-you play a small town girl who goes on her honeymoon alone?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY JASMEEN G DUGAL
“Queen is a character-driven script, and it’s a great role for any actor. The only thing that can stop an actor from taking over a project like this is a confidence issue-you think you won’t be able to do justice or you might fall flat on your face. I don’t have any issues like that. It has to be a combination of everything. You just don’t want a character that satisfies you and bores the hell out of the audience right?”

You seem like a very Zen person; what has been your biggest life learning over the years?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY MASOOM R MINAWALA
“I’ve learnt that it’s alright to work and achieve your ambitions, but one must leave a little room for spontaneity and just do things that are bit random.
Pamper yourself! Just live your life without any explanations or without carrying the burden of you having to explain things to others.”

You once said that you aren’t a fan of marriage. Is that still true?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY MASOOM R MINAWALA
“You know, I’m just like any other girl and I do change my mind about things (laughs) ! I think I’ve been very bitter about marriages. It’s not the marriage part that bothers me, but how women are treated in this whole process, especially in certain parts of India. I know that not everyone is asking for dowry and beating their wives, but it happens. Love is a different matter. I don’t think that love is overrated. But I am someone who doesn’t believe in just loving that one person you have a physical relationship with. As artists, love is something we can’t live without. It’d be very unfortunate if love
leaves an artist, so it’s very important for us to be in love. The day I feel loveless, I know I’ll need to work on myself. If you ask me for names of specific men, I don’t have any!”

Who has taught you the most important thing about love and relationships?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY ANAMIKA SUREKHA
“My mum is just someone who has been very inspirational. She hasn’t really verbally told me about love. Their generation isn’t so vocal about their feelings. But it’s so nice to see how dedicated she is to her husband and her family. I think how I feel about love and how I feel about people has got a lot to do with how I’ve seen my mum with people. I think I’ve benefitted a lot from that spirit where you think about others’ comfort as well.”

Have you ever thought about an alternate career to acting? Perhaps something in fashion?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY MASOOM R MINAWALA
“I’d like to write a book someday. Fashion could be interesting, but I think I’ll be bored of it in like 10 days. I like giving words to expressions. I like to play around with words. I like how re-constructing and setting up words differently changes their perspective and meaning all together. I try that sometimes with my outfit. I’ll accessorise with a belt etc.”

How would you describe your personal style right now?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY JASMEEN G DUGAL
“Right now, it’s very androgynous-it’s a bit boyish with boots, boyfriend jeans and a jacket, which I’ve personalised with these interesting badges. It changes every day. Today I’m a little jetlagged, and I didn’t feel like dressing up, so I went for a rough, edgy look. The day I am feeling up to it, I’ll put on my stilettos, wear a belt, pin up my hair, and wear one of those big Dior shades. It’s not that I don’t want to have a stylist. Most of the time when we get ready for these events and all, it’s not that difficult to dress up on your own, so I do it on my own.”

What should every fashionable woman’s wardrobe have?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY DIMPY KAPOOR
“I think everyone should have a pair of shades and jackets. Denim or leather jackets mostly. And you can always do personalised stuff-it just make things so much more personal, warmer and nicer. One should definitely have boots. A nice summer dress in a light colour is a must for when you’re feeling special. I have a grey dress with big powder pink roses and pink lace that I really like wearing. Stoles and cotton scarves are also nice for accessorising, and making your overall look that much better.”

Many people may not know that you like to read. What are you reading right now?

5/02/2014 1:10 AM BY DIMPY KAPOOR
“I’ve been reading a lot these days. I’ve got many books from my screenplay course, and I’m reading Robert McKee’s screenplay right now. I do read a lot about spirituality, and I read Swami Vivekananda’s books about meditations, life and yoga. While I also enjoy fiction, I highly recommend Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s The Story Of My Experiments With Truth! I like books that are written by real people and are about real experiences than just made up fiction.”

Photographs by Vishesh Verma.


Hoping to get a chance to ask her about all her beauty secret next time πŸ˜‰

Don’t forget to get your copy of Cosmopolitan for this March issue to read the whole interview


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  3. I just loved Queen! I was aware that she would act well but she actually got into the skin of the character and it was amazingly done! Saw a very good movie after a long time!
    She has really worked hard from acting to dressing up and did well!
    I love boyfriend jeans and jacket too!
    Anamika lovely questions asked! Congratulations!!! πŸ™‚

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