Introducing Adoption Series


If you are following us on facebook then you must be knowing about our adoption series which we are starting from today.This series is written by a lady who is thinking of adoption and she will take you through her journey from the very beginning.

Indian adoption blog

This is a humble effort from our beloved author and WiseShe to promote awareness about concept of adoption in Indian women. In our society- infertility is associated with harsh words like impotence and barren and thought of as an aberration – best left to hushed voices. Mentioning about adoption raises similar eyebrows and the social taboo attached with it (yes – still prevalent in many many sections of India), often discourages couples to even consider it as an option. This is exactly where we feel it’s important to spread as much information about it as possible so as to unravel the myths / mysteries / questions related to it.

Kudos to the lady who took this initiative. I am sure you all will appreciate and support her. Here’s the link to first post-  Adoption – 1 a barren womb