Introducing Indian Shopaholic In France : Joie De Vivre – By Ki


We are introducing a new segment for Indian shopaholic living abroad .Segment is presently covered by Ki who we know before her marriage when she was in India and  married the man of her dreams and settled down in France.Ki is going to show you her life in France and her experiences in makeup, shopping and food 🙂

When I started studying French in school, I never expected that I would visit France, let alone live there! But ten years later, I ended up moving there after marriage to the city of Lyon.

Getting married is hard enough, but getting married and moving abroad is worse. Not only do you have to get used to living away from your parents and childhood home and with a new person, you have to learn to live in a completely alien atmosphere. I’m ashamed to admit that the first month that I lived in Lyon, I never went out alone. The city seemed too big and easy to get lost in and the people all seemed snobby and intimidating, with their fancy clothes and hurried walk. And because my husband was working, I would end up spending day after day at home, watching TV and getting utterly bored and very homesick. Of course, that sort of lifestyle can’t last for too long (plus I was putting on weight), so I slowly started exploring the city little by little, starting with grocery shopping. I still remember one of the first times I went out alone was to the Farmers Market near our apartment and I was so thrilled to see all the fresh fruits and veggies, beautiful flowers and handmade food!

 france farmer market

flower market in france

 Now that I have lived in Lyon for almost two years, there are some things that I absolutely love about living here and some things that still make me want to pack my bags and run back home to India!

I love the sights and sounds of the city. Lyon is not a tourist filled town like Paris but there is still a LOT to see here. One of my fave areas to visit is Old Lyon, which is a World Heritage site and has a beautiful, old world charm.

 indian in france oldlyon1

 oldlyon indian in france

I adore the Fete De la Lumiere, a festival that takes place every December where all of Lyon is lit up and everyone is out on the streets. It reminds me of Diwali!

life in france

fete 2 life in lyon france

 fete pictures france

I am crazy about the street food of Lyon – crepes, waffles and mulled wine. Yummy!

Lyon - crepes, waffles and mulled winefrance food

 street food france

Lyon just two hours away from Paris, one of the most happening cities in the world. I’ve been there 3 times already and I can’t get enough of the sights and the sounds, especially the breathtaking Eiffel Tower.

indian in paris

And of course, I take full advantage of shopping here, with all the international brands that are easily available and the flexible return policies and frequent sales! Watch out for my haul posts, you will see how much I end up shopping!

Of course, nothing is perfect and there are things that I really miss about home, especially food wise. I don’t know what you have all heard about French food but trust me when I say that apart from the desserts, it pretty much sucks. It is so bland and boring compared to what we Indians are used to! And unlike the US, there are very few Indian stores here, so I have to bring back dals, spices, pickles and namkeens every time I visit India. Which brings to me to the worst part of living here, the sheer distance from all our loved ones. My husband and I get to visit India just once a year and it just hurts to be so far away from our family and friends. It hits me the worst on festival days – Diwali, Holi, Pongal etc. are just not the same without all the colours, food, gifts and blessings that we have back home. But we’re lucky to live in the age of video chat and cheap phone plans – a phone call or chat may not be as good as being face to face with the folks back home but it sure does help!

Have you ever lived abroad? Do share your experience in the comments.


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  1. Hey Ki..loved the pics..I know its not easy living abroad all alone after marriage..but I think u have adjusted pretty well..and hope so it goes smooth ahead too :))

  2. Hi Ki, i can relate with everything u’v written as i am living in your neighbourhood…….Germany. Food is a big problem, very few options r there in the indian stores plus the loneliness & add to it a new language :-((
    after shifting here we visited many european counties including France as well. And yes I also learned German. Now I’v started to like it here but we r returning to India in January……dunno whether I should be happy or sad 😐 Definitely shopping is so much fun in Europe…..learned a lot while living here but missing food & family

  3. Hi ki 😀 I remember u from other blogs and used to read ur blog too 🙂 ooo d pics look so must be hard to be away from family :hug-makeup: looking forward to readin more from u Ki 🙂 take care 🙂

  4. Hello Ki .. Ća va ?? Welcome !!! Paris is a place of dreams and fashion and worth a visit at least once in life !!

    Looking forward to more posts !!!

  5. Hi Ki. So glad that I have found someone from France! I’m too in France, doing my studies here, in Rennes. There are no Indians with me here:( But so happy to meet you through Wishshe! :tap-dance:

  6. Welcome to wiseshe…Ki! :hug-makeup:

    So glad 2 have u here.. Finally vil get to c some not – so Indian make up looks and of coz cosmetic brands.
    It will be great to know something dat happens oda side of the world. Plz start posting supah soon n take us on a FRANCE Tour! 😛 :yippee: :dance-left-right: :tap-dance:

  7. welcome Ki… love ur post… France is definitely tough if u doesn’t know french.. i been to Paris for few days and i luv the spirit of the city except the food 🙂 .. being eggetarian its really hard to find smthng nice n spicy to eat there… i remember we went to McD there and i ordered veg burger, he said we do not serve veg but you can get any burger, throw the dumpling and eat it 😀 :D…. but yeah we found an indian market there in paris.. u can definitely check it out there because there were loads of indian cuisine restaurant and grocery stores infact there were many indian clothing stores…

  8. So nice to have u here Ki! So everyone at wiseshe can see you dressing up for life eh? 😉 Would love to hear more from ur part of the world :-))


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