Introducing The Weekly Magazine Section -Kim Contouring & Highlighting Makeup


We all love reading magazine and finding out what’s the new trend.We though of bringing you few interesting snippets from the latest Cosmopolitan magazine which we found interesting.This is going to be a regular feature on Wise She now .

This week its the newly pregnant Kim Kardishan famous contouring cheatcode.!!!


Kim kardishan contour look step by step


Do let us know what more you would like to see from the magazine section :)Please don’t ask me to share some magazine recipes here :D3You might like reading these also:-




  1. too quick ana!!!!!mwah!when i put this up on instagram i dedicated it to zee!!this is a contour tute from contour queen herself!

  2. i have always been curious about it though… always wondered what diff will it make.. then i saw zees cream cotour post… i was sold..

  3. This is wonderful Ana. there is a video on youtube of Kim Kardashian countouring and highlighting. i have seen it several times tried it once or twice. you can post that link here na.


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