iNUOVI Blush in Dusk: Review, Swatches


Hi All,

I was recently re-organizing my blushes and realized I hadn’t reviewed this for you. I’d bought it from Brandmile sometime last year and even had a haul post here about the same. I’d picked 2 blushes one of which is sadly no more…How? Well, just 3 phrases: swinging door, butterfingered Zara & collision. I hope you get the picture. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Well, this is the remaining soldier and the very first Coral blush I got myself.

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inuovi blush in dusk review+ inuovi

My take on iNuovi Blush in Dusk:

  •  Packaging: This blush is housed in a clear , circular pan with a dome shaped flip top lid. It’s quite sturdy but I’m not fond of the dome shaped lids since it makes it tougher to store. Additionally, it’s very prone to scratches and chipping.
  • Price: INR 384inuovi blush in dusk review+ inuovi blush
  •  Color: The blush is a burnt orange color without any shimmer. It does have a satiny finish though.inuovi blush in dusk review+ inuovi cosmetics
  •  Pigmentation & Texture: The blush is highly pigmented as you can see from the swatches. It’s easy to blend, provided you’re cautious and apply a tiny bit at a time. The powder is soft to the touch and has next to nil fallout.inuovi blush in dusk review+ inuovi+ orange blush

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  • Staying Power: This lasts about 5-6hrs easily on my cheeks and rest assured, my cheeks always have that orange tint through the day.

inuovi blush in dusk review+ inuovi blush swatch

What I love about iNuovi Blush in Dusk:

  • A very wearable coral orange.
  • Reminds me of the powder form of the NYX Orange cream blush
  • Not difficult to blend
  • Brightens up the face
  • Fab staying power
  • Will last a long time
  • Can be built up
  • Hardly any shimmer so its wearable to work as well
  • Will suit practically all skin tones.

inuovi blush in dusk review+ inuovi dusk swatch

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What I don’t like about iNuovi Blush in Dusk:

  • Not easily available. I haven’t seen it anywhere else
  • The dome shape makes it hard to store



  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Texture: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 4.5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 4.5/5


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  1. zeeeeeeeeeeeee mujhe yea chahiyeeee…..kaha milega :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: dis is gorgeous *sigh* :heart: :-* :-* :-* :-*

  2. Zeeeeeeeeeee. How many orange blushes do you have πŸ˜› Its so beautiful :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Gifty this to your surprise fraaand. πŸ˜› :dance-left-right: She will be happy dancing left and right. πŸ˜€

    • unfortunatly i dont hav too many πŸ™ πŸ˜‰

      arre id luv to gift it toher….lekin used cheez thodi na duni meri fraand ko πŸ™‚


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