IPL 2010 -24TH March-Shilpa won the battle by outplaying Preity


A good team effort by Rajasthan royals made them win by 31 runs. Ofcourse you cannot hold Yuvraj responsible for the false strokes the batsman following him played but the way he threw his wicket was so amateurish that I am sure he is not getting MOTIVATIONAL hug from Preity in this tournament for sure. The moment Bisla was dismissed ,Kings XI Punjab batting fell apart. The game was good as over after his dismissal.

Still when you have Bollywood and cricket combo you get your doze of entertainment. Preity is loved by all I guess .There were many to support her which included Vivek oberoi and Anupam Kher. Vivek was trying his level best to get as much publicity as possible. With his blabber mouth in which he can even compete Rakhi sawant was proved yesterday. Guy was hosting Kings XI Punjab, giving high five to Preity whenever camera noticed them and was simultaneously tweeting too. Pheeewww!! Hard work from his side.

Coming over to other side, Shilpa signature smile was intact throughout the match. Her mom must have lost few pounds as lady was seen standing in whole of the match and hosting the flag. One thing which was really funny was Shane warne who while bowling will shout to the other player”Watch out”.I mean I only hear Indian players like Sreesant and Yuvraj using abusive language or either making faces. Hearing such humble sweet words made me wonder whether Indian players even understood what he was saying. Yuvraj is always seen shouting “Abe,kya kar raha hai.,oye dekh ke,[email protected]#$%” .In the end when Yuvraj got aware of his defeat started doing stretching exercises.

Shilpa on the other hand praised the entire team and mentioned each one of their names. Chalo!! At least lady knows the name of whole team members.

Match today(25th march) at


Royal challengers VS Delhi Darevil

It’s a do or die game for Delhi dare devils .Bangalore win won’t really matter to them but their side looks brutally dominant. On the other hand the balance of in Delhi side has gone for a toss .Three defeats on the trot, a formidable opponent up next and the memory of the champions league thrashing at the hands of RCB won’t help.


Mumbai Indian VS Chennai super kings

Mumbai team looks excellent but poor Jayasuriya will might have to sit on the bench again.Chennai supper kings looks weak with their two consecutive losses but Dhoni returning back will certainly be a motivating factor for them.


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