Iraya Anti-Acne Gel Review


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Iraya Anti-Acne Gel Review

Hello all

Many of us have been battling acne since years now. I was lucky till now, but the summer this year didn’t spare me.

So today I am going to review Iraya anti acne gel which I received in my April 2015 Fabbag. This is my first product from Iraya and I was pretty excited to use it and enjoy the results.

Iraya Anti-Acne Gel texture

So let’s see if it worked or not.

About Iraya Anti-Acne Gel

Solution for pimples, blackheads and problematic skin. A miracle solution for blackheads, pimples, acne, problem skin. Removes excess toxins to effectively heal breakouts and eruptions.


Iraya Anti-Acne Gel ingredients

325 INR for 50 gm jar

How to Use- After cleansing, apply to problem areas. Leave on for 20 minutes. Wash off. If required leave on the whole night.

Packaging- It comes in a small frost finish glass tub with a silver screw cap. All the important product information like ingredients, usage, expiry date, etc is mentioned on the jar.

Iraya Anti-Acne Gel Review

Personally I don’t like jar packaging. They are unhygienic. Why? Cause you are always dipping your dirty fingers into it. Our hands do contain bacteria which are not visible to eyes, and dipping fingers in the tub means contaminating the product inside with them.

I use a Q-tip or a spatula to take out the product.

My Experience with Iraya Anti-Acne Gel

Texture, color and smell- The gel is bronze yellow in color and the texture of it is jelly-jam like. It spreads easily on skin and takes about 2 minutes to get absorbed and completely sink into skin. The smell is refreshing.

Iraya Anti-Acne Gel

Did it work?
I’ve been using this gel for two weeks now, and I can say it did work on me. I agree I don’t have any serious acne problem, but it worked well on the small breakouts and rashes the summer gifted me.

Before going to bed, I clean my skin and apply it in a thick layer on the pimples and rashes. It gives minty, tingly sensation and an instant fresh feeling to the skin and is like a soothing mask. In the next morning, my rashes were almost gone. However, it took time to work on the pimples; but I am happy that it worked finally.

Iraya Anti-Acne Gel product color

After a week, I’ll transfer the jar to my cousin sis. She has severe acne-prone skin and we’ll see if this works on her or not. Shall keep you updated as well 😀

Summing up “LIKES” and “DISLIKES”

What I liked about Iraya anti acne gel?-

  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Reduces pimple sizes
  • Reduces the acne pain
  • It spreads very easily and gets completely absorbed by the skin with a little massage
  • Skin feels very refreshed and relaxed after its usage
  • Smells refreshing
  • Natural ingredients
  • Travel friendly jar
  • Value for money
  • Easily available

What I don’t like about Iraya anti acne gel?-

  • Jar packaging.
  • I am not too sure how effective it would be in healing big pimples.
  • Didn’t work on blackheads.

Final thoughts and Recommendations-
Overall I liked the product. It smells nice, spreads easily, feels very refreshing, soothed my rashes and also helped in healing the small pimples.

As per recommending the product, it might or might not work on you. But still I recommend it to everybody suffering from acne and pimples. It will soothe you. 🙂


Have you tried Iraya anti acne gel?

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