Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa Review


Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa Review

Hello Friends,

Its been a while I was not reviewing any product because actually I was not trying anything off late. I religiously followed the skincare regime of cleansing, toning &  moisturizing and applied a face care product every alternate day which I am going to review today! 🙂

iraya lep

Well, I was experiencing a hormonal imbalance since 3-4 months which gave me breakouts every week and which also left marks after they disappeared. These marks are evident only on my cheek area both sides and the area looked really pigmented which made me very unhappy 🙁

Then one day Maitri wrote about her pigmentation problem and among many suggestions, Tapaswini suggested to try this lepa from Iraya and I was like, am definitely picking it up!

So, let me share my thoughts over this natural & organic product!

iraya de pigmentation lep


About Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa-

Iraya’s 100% natural remedy for depigmentation- Jirakadi Lepa is taken from the Bhavprakash Nigantu, an ancient Ayurveda treatise. Cumin seeds, black mustard, black sesame and Krishna Jeera together help remove blemishes, scars & black spots. The lepa lightens pigmentation & improves the skin’s surface texture & overall appearance.

Price- INR 495 for 50g

Shelf Life- 2 years from date of mfg.

iraya details


Directions To Use-Form a thin paste by blending with milk. Apply gently on affected area only, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave for an hour and wash off with cold water. Do not use soap for the next 6 hours. You may initially experience a slight tingling sensation anf some mild peeling, do not worry, this the part of the healing process.


iraya ingredients

Fragrance- The lepa has the typical jeera powder fragrance which is a little strong. Sensitive noses may find it a little overpowering. I had no issues with the smell.

Product Color & Texture-The jirakadi lepa is dark green in color just as the mehendi in the cone has the color. The texture is really viscous and all the ingredients can be easily seen when you take a small quantity of it on your palm.

Packaging- The lepa is housed in a flat bottomed transparent glass jar with a silver screw cap. The packaging is average and I feel the jar packaging is suitable because the lepa is really viscous and it would surely get wasted if the brand  had gone for a tube packaging.

iraya lep packaging

My Experience with Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa-

I have been using this Lepa since September last and now after one month of usage I am surely ready to share my opinion about the same.

First of all, Tapaswini..thanks a lot for sharing this here with all of us! :-*

Coming to the review, I found the best time to use it was only at night as it clearly mentioned no soap to be used until 6 hours which I don’t think is possible in the daytime. So I used it after my regular face cleansing just as the way it is described by mixing in small quantity of milk.

You need to mix the lepa properly in the milk, as the lepa is very thick and cannot be applied alone. After mixing it can be easily applied on the pigmented area. I applied on both my cheeks where pigmentation is the most visible.

iraya lep texture

After keeping it for 1 hour, I usually washed it and pat dry my face gently. And then I go to sleep. Initially I noticed redness on the cheek area and the tingling sensation due to the mustard paste but the milk surely works in protecting the delicate skin from giving irritation due to the mustard paste.

When I woke up in the morning I saw no traces of any irritation or redness on the cheeks. I got to see the difference in 7-8 uses itself on an alternate day basis. My cheek area showed a lot of improvement than before. I am positive that by the time I finish this jar, I will surely get rid of  50% of my skin pigmentation on both the cheek area.

The product never resulted in any breakouts or any dryness near my cheeks. I didn’t apply anything after using this lepa at night.  On days when I didn’t applied the lepa, I went on for only cleansing, toning. This routine seemed to work well and am really glad to use an ayurvedic product which has no side effects.

This was my first purchase from Iraya and it surely turned out to be amazing!

What I like about Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa?-

  • Effectively lightens skin tone
  • Removes pigmentation
  • Purely organic
  • Doesn’t breakout
  • No side effects
  • Decent packaging
  • A little amount of product is enough for single use

What I don’t like about Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa?-

  • Strong fragrance may irritate some


Will I recommend?– If you don’t have issue with the strong mustard & jeera fragrance and wish to use an organic product for de-pigmentation then surely go for it and see the results.

Have you tried Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa?

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  1. I was about to pick this up.. but then thot of waiting for a while.. Thanks for d review darling.. M ordering it right now 😀
    Hope it removes sun spots as well..

    • I am sure it will bring some visible difference…U got dry skin naa..otherwise there is nothing like gram flour, milk & lemon pack for tan removal..curd is also good but it tends to make my face a little more oily!

    • Hi Mitra..freckles I had suffered in the past like 4-5 years ago and then had taken dermatologist aid and followed a 8-month medicine course with lot of topical creams. my skin recovered. so I don’t have any freckles as of now so really can’t comment on that!

      I am using it only for the shadow of darkness on my cheek area due to the eruptions caused by stress and hormones

  2. even i am having the same problem ira 🙁 pigmentation on my cheeks as well as forehead because of acne marks. I tried an organic cream from a different brand and it triggered an allergic reaction 🙁 🙁 now i am skeptical to use organic products 🙁

    • haww too bad Sindhu.. yeah the acne marks and some tanning made my cheeks look weird. I am using this and nothing else..! It is working in my case! *touchwood *

  3. Thanks for the mention Ira, I had similar experfience as yours 🙂 and it helped me clear the marks too 🙂 just i really didnt like sometimes as its stings my face but u know wat dear, we can make this at home too, like by grinding black and yellow sarson and sahee jeera, and mix it with milk it will be DIY dupe of the jirakadi lep 🙂 i have made it at home and similar effect

  4. Hello, Ira!

    I use the Soundarya serum oil and a moisturizer at night. Could I wear them after I wash this off?

    I worry because it says no soap for 6 hous!


    • Hi Shashi

      Since there is a mild peeling action I don’t use anything after I use this at night as the skin is a little delicate and don’t want to take risks. What I suggest you is that you can use it during the evening (if you don’t have to go out) and by the night you can apply ur night care products and sleep peacefully!

    • Hi Jiya..yes I have used it for my pimple marks as well! Don’t keep it for too long and use it with a little amount of milk!


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