Iraya Lotus Face Tonic Review



Iraya Lotus Face Tonic

Hello ladies,

Today I am here to share my review on a skin acre product. Many women have a tendency to skip toners in their skincare routines, but they do not know that they are missing on a very essential skincare product.

I got this Lotus face tonic by Iraya after searching for lotus benefits in skincare. Iraya is that company which makes all natural products and does not tests on animals. These things gave me good reasons to try this toner.


Iraya Lotus Face Tonic


I am really fond of this toner, to know why read on.

About Iraya Lotus Face Tonic:

Nourishes skin, leaving revived & healthy looking.

Formulated with the extracts of lotus flower, lotus seed, liquorice and manjishta, this nourishing face tonic tones the skin and leaves a nourished feeling. Regular use leaves the skin feeling revived, with a healthy glow.
The fragrant Nelumbo Nucifera or Lotus Flower is rich in anti-oxidants which makes it an excellent skin conditioner. The Lotus Flower also has other compounds like flavonoids, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals which help to give deep hydration to the skin.

Direction For Use: Shake the bottle before use. Moisten a cotton pad with the tonic and apply on the face and neck, with gentle upward movements. Best to use after cleansing to remove any last traces of make up and dirt. Follow with an Iraya moisturizer for your skin type.

Ingredients: Lotus Seed Extract (Nelumbo Nucifera), Lotus Flower Extract (Nymphaea Lotus Alba), Ketaki Flower (Pandanus Odoratissimus), Liquorice Extract (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), Vegetable Glycerine, Natural Grain Alcohol, Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe Indica), Grape Fruit Seed Extract (Citrus Grandis), Phenoxyethanol, Lotus, Tuberose.

Price: INR 395

Net Wt: 150 ml

Shelf Life: 24 months


Lotus Face Tonic Iraya Product Description


My experience with Iraya Lotus Face Tonic:

Packaging: Iraya Lotus Face Tonic comes in a transparent plastic bottle and has a spray dispenser which is securely shut with a transparent plastic cap. The cap once shut is firm enough and would not open on its own. The bottle has hot every bit of detail about the product. The packaging is nice, travel friendly with nothing very fancy about it.

Texture: Like all toners it has a watery consistency, nothing new about it. Though in bottle it looks slightly yellow but when taken in palm it looks clear without any color.

Fragrance: It has a clear Lotus fragrance, if you have ever smelled a lotus, then you will know what I mean.

My Take: To start with, let me tell you that I have finished up using two bottles of this toner. This explains very nicely that how good this toner is.

It has a great texture, does not sting at all and my skin feels very hydrated post its usage, but of course I need to follow up with a moisturizer too.


Iraya Lotus Face Tonic


The packaging is sturdy, secure and hygienic. I do not like taking toners on cotton balls and then dabbing them on skin. I always prefer spraying toners on my face and then give a little massage. The spray that this toner has is really nice.

Apart from using it simply as a toner, I also use it as a refreshing mist. Just a spray in middle of the day and my skin feels refreshed, reviewed. I cannot comment on how good it works on open pores since I do not have much of the open pores issue…. Touch wood!!! But I can assume that it will work great with open pores too, since I can feel the toning effect.

Overall this is a great toner and if I were not bored of using it, I would have even got myself a third bottle of this. However Iraya says that this toner is meant for all skin types, but I personally feel that this toner will fare best for dry to normal skin types.


Iraya Lotus Face Tonic swatch


What I Like About Iraya Lotus Face Tonic:

  • Decent packaging.
  • Nice Spray.
  • A single bottle lasts for more than three months.
  • Hydrates and tone skin.
  • Feels refreshing.
  • Can be used as a refreshing facial mist.
  • Good value for money.
  • Made of all natural ingredients.

What I Don’t Like About Iraya Lotus Face Tonic:

  • No Con as such.

Rating: 5/5

Will I Recommend: It is a huge yes. If you are someone with dry to normal skin then you must surely try this.

Have you tried Iraya Lotus Face Tonic?

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