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Hello pretties,

Hope you girls are doing great. This time I’d like to review a very important and often neglected product- facial tonic/mist/rose water for the face.

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What exactly are face tonic/mists and what do they do?

Face tonic is a watery liquid with fragrant and natural extracts, which help in absorbing extra oil from the face, keep you refreshed any time you need, even help in reducing pores on the skin and keep your skin always glowing, without any damage or harshness to the skin.

Now that I have tried to explain a face tonic, read on to see how I liked the Iraya rose face tonic..

About the brand Iraya-

Iraya is a brand which is used by Meridian and Taj hotels in house spas. It has a complete range of natural products for face, hair and body. All the products are made from the natural ingredients.

Packaging and bottle- It’s a simple plastic bottle with a nice spray. The cap is small but keeps the product safe from any outside dust or deterrent. The spray works wonderfully.

Ingredients- Prime ingredient is rose water along with some fragrant extracts.


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How do I use Iraya Rose Face Tonic ?

I use it in various ways. I use it in the night after cleaning my make up from make up remover so that all final traces of make up can go and I can feel fresh and light for a good nite beauty sleep. Sometimes I use it directly on my face using the spray or sometimes I spray it on a cotton pad and clean my face with it.

I also use it during the day time if i need to refresh at any time or there is excess oil on my skin. Skin feels very fresh at least for next 2-3 hours.

Remember to keep the bottle at atleast 4 inches distance when you use it directly on the face to avoid any irritation.


Iraya Rose Face Tonic Review+ iraya face mist-001


Price- INR 395 for 150ml. I think the price is fine for a good natural brand.

What I like about Iraya Rose Face Tonic

  • Great mist which can be doubled up as a toner
  • Packaging is simple and handy
  • Fragrance is light and misty
  • Made of all natural ingredients

What I don’t like about Iraya Rose Face Tonic-

  • Availability might be a concern since its not easily available. I am not too sure about the online availability. I had picked it up from Delhi in DLF Promenade mall in VasantKunj where they have a stand alone store with all the products. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Will I recommend it?

Absolutely.I strongly strongly recommend it. I have tried using a couple of other mists as well, however their fragrance was mostly a turn-off, but this is the absolute love for me.

Have you used the Iraya Rose Face Tonic ?

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