Is Aha Glow Face Washes Effective


Sashimathana asks,


I have oily skin,medium fair.Please tell me what face wash to use?Is AHA GLOW facewash effective?Thanx in advance….

Is AHA Glow face ashes effective

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  1. not dermatologist suggested me that face wash sometime back when i was suffering frm mild acne..din help my acne nor did it give any glow

  2. Hi Sashimathana, I dont think this is very useful..A friend woith sensi skin tried this and she got rashes and redness all over her if u hv sensi skin avoid this..

  3. the product ahaglow is the face wash when you geting exposed to sun better go with malagard sun screen and definetly skin looks much brighter well as….

  4. My Dermatologist advised me this face wash along with a NILTAN night creame as i have a very fair and sensitive skin….AHA Glow actually makes your skin glowing and polished… :tap-dance: :tap-dance:

  5. i used ahaglow face wash result it burned my skin badly and effected my eyes which became hollow.I am in total dilemma what to do please need advice help me

  6. I used one full bottle, and 2nd bottle is running now. Total repair for skin. Acne marks, face wrinkles are gone for 80%. Open pores have closed. After seeing my face, all my family members have started using this. But u must use any moisturizer after every wash, bcoz ur skin becomes dry after the wash. Also skin is glowing. Try it for one week and see the result for urself. I dont have sensitive skin.


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