Is Bio Oil Really Effective ?


Is Bio Oil Really Effective ? – Hello all! Please tell me you all missed me ! I had taken more or less a sabbatical from makeup as my skin was behaving very badly. But, I think everyone knows my story now – so lets move on. Here I am with a product thats only recently launched in India but I think I can do a fitting review as I have used this for about two years now as I bought some bottles back from USA. When I saw the ads on tv I was over the moon that now it is easily accessible to all!:) At the outset,please accept my apologies for the pics as my cam was giving me some problem!


bio oil review


Price: Rs 450 for 60 ml . You can buy it online here (Very reasonable considering what beauty products are priced at these days!!) Although its available on discount on

Bio Oil Ingredients


bio oil ingredients


About Bio Oil:


bio oil details


My experience with Bio Oil:

Packaging: Bio oil comes in a simple packaging of a plastic cylindrical bottled with a white cap.It has a stopper and a hole in the stopper which doesn’t not dispense too much product ( you dont need much anyway !).The transparent bottle helps in knowing just how much product is still there.

The texture of the oil is very very light and is absorbed very quickly into thus skin. As the oil is transparent there is no risk of spoiling your clothes.I feel this works very well to moisturise skin well. However,dry skinned beauties may add some oil to their daily lotion for an added moisture boost. My mom does that and is thrilled with the results!

Now we come to the main question? Does it work or does the company make tall claims??

Bio Oil For acne scars

,I cant say it helped much -but then again I was petrified of putting oil on my face in the midst of an active breakout!!However,when I don’t have breakouts,this oil works well as a serum at night and leaves my skin soft and fresh in the morn with a bit of glow.A drop is enough for my combo skin I am sure this bottle will go a long way!

Bio Oil For body and stretch marks:

Its time to get real,ladies. Nothing will work on existing stretch marks but this oil works on newer marks.I can vouch for that. Overall the area looks smoother n marks are not as noticeable as before. I have a few stretch marks as a result of weight loss.

Bio Oil For dehydrated skin:

Yes!!! It works very well when used as an after shower moisturiser . It doesn’t leave a greasy residue and the skin looks plump and moisturised.


bio oil swatch


It hardly has any detectable fragrance – very very mild and I cannot put a finger to it as to what the fragrance actually is.

It can be used on face and body but from personal experience I would say use this on face only if you don’t have an active breakout. No telling what more oil can do!! 😀

Also its important to keep in mind that skincare products take some time to show effect so use as directed on pack for at least 3 months. I am sure you will love it

What I like about Bio Oil:

  • A light oil which works for a variety of issues and concerns
  • Non staining
  • Doesn’t leave a residue behind
  • Evens out skin tone very well
  • No strong smell – sensitive noses rejoice!
  • Reasonable enough

What I don’t like about Bio Oil:

  • Am not too sure about the effects on active acne
  • Very dry skinned ladies may need to top with regular lotion/mosturiser

My rating: 4.5/5

Availability: All chemists and Health & Glow outlets.

Have you tried Bio Oil? Was It Effective for you ?



  1. Bang on time!! I really wanted to give it a shot..the only problem I have is dull n dehydrated looking skin..i will pour a drop or two in my omved moisturiser..thankyou so much Shweta..n yes u were missed..<3

    • aww thanx vandana! i still suggest u use it on its own first n see how it works n then proceed to mixing with moisturiser- it is quite hydrating

  2. this fades only new ones maitri- nothing ever works on stretch marks once they turn white- but yes it softens the appearance of them

  3. I have just ordered 2 bottles of this. And seeing the reviews i am thinking that i have done the right thing but still confused between the burn marks, Scars ,stretch marks. Just want to know does it really works on all 3 if used for 3 months continuously.

  4. Does NOT reduce stretch mark appearance. I used it for 3.5 months twice a day as directed and saw absolutely no improvement. This product is useless

  5. This stuff is greasy and has made absolutely no change to my skin with regular use. I won’t buy any more of this highly-touted oil that does not do what it claims.

  6. I love this product ,its work on my mark very fast and my dark underarm are going to be bright very rapidly …it was bit costly for a clg going girl .bt i don’t know why bio oil can’t work good on my stech mark…:(

    Bt still i love it …

  7. Hey frankly speaking, I have tried lots of cream and even scars removing treatment. If you can assure me a bit that this oil will help me in removing my scars and uneven skin tone, I would love to go for it.

    Kindly guide me on this.


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