Is Brahmi Oil Good For Your Hair?


Is Brahmi Oil Good For Your Hair?

Hello my pretty readers!

How is everyone doing? All things are making me happy these days, except for the only issue that I am suffering from hair loss rapid hair loss at that! And that is not a happy feeling especially for me who has such thin hair!

And I am pretty sure that most of us are facing hair loss problem due to pollution or environmental conditions or lack of nutrition or due to medication. It has become a common problem these days irrespective of age. But that should not mean that we cannot mend our ways and incorporate a few healthy tips into our daily routines to cure this sort of problems.

brahmi benefits

What is Brahmi?

Brahmi is known as the best memory enhancing herb and has been widely used in traditional Indian medicine since years. It has been used in Ayurveda for over 3000 years. Mainly found in humid and warmer parts of the world, the plant grows to a height of 2-3 feet and its branches are 10-35 cm long. The cognitive effects of Brahmi, specifically memory learning and concentration are scientifically proven.

How is Brahmi Oil extracted?

The extraction of Brahmi oil is done by using the following mentioned steps:

1. Collecting fresh and healthy brahmi leaves
2. Washing them thoroughly to remove the presence of any sorts of physical impurities which may be present due to external surroundings
3. Crushing them using the process of steam distillation to extract the purest of the pure Brahmi oil.
This extracted oil is highly beneficial and can be used to treat a number of different ailments including treatment for hair. It is also a very popular feature of both Ayurveda as well as Japanese traditional medicine.

Is Brahmi Oil Good for your hair?

Going by the word, who am i to tell you if one thing is good for you or not? All i can do is enlist the most beauteous benefits of Brahmi oil, and leave it upto you to decide the finalities for yourself!

Brahmi oil fights Alopecia most efficiently

Don’t get scared by the very mention of the word Alopecia. It is just a fancy word which is used in medical terminology to talk about excessive hair loss. But, excessive hair loss if taken lightly or ignored can be a reason for your temporary, or in some cases, permanent baldness! But with the regular use of brahmi oil, the hair loss can be kept in check. You ask why? It is because brahmi oil is rich in anti oxidants and it keeps the scalp cool along side with strengthening the roots of your hair.

Brahmi Oil is the best scalp revitaliser present in the market

Anyone who has been for a hair spa knows the benefit of hot oil hair treatment. Albeit in India we all have been always advised to oil our hair by almost everyone who gives advice on hair care but we have taken the advice lightly. Hot oil hair treatment is an inexpensive luxury with enumerable benefits. And a hot oil massage done with the exceptionally gorgeous brahmi oil is a sure shot treat for your locks as well as your worn-out scalp. Along with acting as a revitalising agent, it stimulates the scalp resulting again in healthy hair growth and regeneration.

Brahmi oil has the potency to generate healthy hair growth

A lot of people observe hair loss due to hormonal issues, stress, weight loss and tend to become paranoid seeing the rate at which their hair fall is happening! Brahmi oil has the immaculate potency to seize the growth of split ends and nourish your hair strands from the roots to the tips. Brahmi also thickens the strands while strengthening the roots. You can make a paste in combination with amla, bhringraj, shikakai, tulsi powder together for better results. Use it as a pack or combine the dry ingredients in a brahmi oil infusion and let your hair indulge.

Brahmi oil is a great Dandruff evader too

Brahmi oil is inevitably a major rescue from scalp itchiness as well as the gross condition of a flaky scalp which irks me as a person, the most. There are so many of us who have to face scalp issues like itching, dandruff, dryness and other inflammations! Well, Brahmi oil is one great thing which takes away all these scalp problems with regular usage! It reduces itchiness and makes the scalp free of any undue flakiness. Thus leaving your scalp dandruff free and your hair better!

Now it is upto you to decide that a product, with its immense goodness, is really that good for your hair? I hope you know what I would answer to such a question? A big, big yes!

Have you used Brahmi Oil For Your Hair?

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