Is It Possible To Dye Hair With Lemon & How?


Is It Possible To Dye Hair With Lemon & How?

Hair color is the best makeover and also doesn’t alter much of the existing features of the personality! Unlike cosmetic procedures or botox treatments, this way to get a quick makeover is certainly far cheaper than the above methods!

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You can change you regular hair color and see how magically it transforms the overall look!

Natural Hair Color

Talking about hair color in particular, there are so many ways in which one can impart color to their mane and have different look every season and keep experimenting with their style! And there are so many natural ingredients as well which will contribute to naturally color your hair like henna leaves, beetroot, indigo etc.

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But generally these impart a different color to the hair but incidentally there is lemon which is known to have bleaching effects on the skin and hair and so it can alternately be used to get a lighter hue on the hair and give an appearance of highlights on any hairstyle!

So here is a unique way to dye your hair using lemon juice in a natural and chemical free way to get an ombre effect or just add a different hue to the mane and change your look for a while!


Lemon Juice

Normally lemon juice is acidic in nature and so it is not to be used directly on the skin and the scalp as it may cause mild irritation and so it is best to have a medium which is used in any recipe using lemon be it for the face or the hair!

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So for making a homemade hair dye of lemon you will need the following-


  • Lemon Juice (Freshly squeezed 8-10 medium sized or 2-3 large lemons)
  • 1 tbsp Cinnamon powder
  • Lukewarm Water
  • Conditioner
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • A spray bottle
  • Wide Tooth comb


  • First of all pour the warm water in the spray bottle and add lemon juice to it! Add cinnamon powder and add few drops of conditioner so that the hair doesn’t turn dry and brittle due to over exposure during the dyeing process with the help of sun rays!
  • Next step is to spray the well whisked mixture and apply it over the desired hair length or majorly over the crown area!

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  • If you want and overall light highlights hair look then take the help of your sister or a friend in doing this easy process!
  • Spray the mixture on the entire length of the hair!
  • Now apply sunscreen lotion over your back and hands and face properly and wear your sunnies because now the next step is to lay low in the sun with your head exposed to the sun to do the needful of dyeing the hair!
  • Sit in the sun for about 60 minutes and let the mixture sit well and for a good time so as to give you the best natural hair color.

colored hair in sun

Effective Method

The best time to do this type of treatment is when you can bear the sun rays for that period of tie otherwise you may simply not be able to sit for that long and the effects might not be too evident on the hair!I

If you wish to get only soft highlights or a natural ombre effect them separate the hair length with a wide tooth comb and spray the same mixture on the desired hair length to get the maximum color!

Dyeing or aptly lightening hair with lemon juice is one of the easiest ways to get the best highlights of hair at home without burning your pockets! 🙂

Hope you find this useful and try it and see if it works for your hair or not! 🙂

Have you tried dyeing hair with lemon?

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