Is it right to eat before exercising?

I recently joined a new gym and aerobic classes and I go there at 6:30 a.m(Can you believe this? but yes I do manage going 3-4 times a week). As most of us look so unready for the exercise out fitness trainer asked us to eat something before coming for work out.She knew many of us must not be doing it due to paucity of time.
Some of the girls said that they have heard that it is actually more beneficial to exercise without eating.This is because the body’s glycogen stores gets lower overnight and one will burn more fat if exercised empty stomach.
Our trainer didn’t agree to it as she said that when we wake up in the morning our body may not react to the low fuel state and it may lend up conserving the resources which are left.When our body sense fuel depletion it tries hard to hold on to what ever it has.
Also one may encounter many problems while exercising without eating because we will lose the stamina to work out.This will ultimately lead to losing of less fat and calories overall.Also, you might feel like cutting down your work out because the energy level is low.
This exactly what I observed.I generally take few nuts and 1 or 2 digestive biscuits before running out or my work out but one day it ran out of mind and I attended the gym empty stomach.When I was doing my Cardio it was OK but I had hard time working with weights.When I was running on the jogger I cut it short and went back home because I knew today work out wont be beneficial also if i try too.
Those who go late in the morning  can take a breakfast which comprise of egg whites with a piece of whole grain toast or a bowl of oatmeal with some nuts.Even a fruit smoothie with a protein bar is good option to get rid of the starvation mode.
Also one should try to wait at least 20-30 minutes after eating or drinking before working out.It is also important to drink 1 or 2 glass of water before morning work out because out body is kept dehydrated whole night and it can lead to dizziness during our exercise routine.

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  1. it is with little practice you can remove the egg white.let me give u a detail explanation:-Crack your egg from the middle and let the egg white slip out of the egg shell. Stop when the yolk begins to move so that the yolk stays in the shell and doesn't slip out of the shell. The egg white should break away from the yolk as it slips out of the shell so that they are no longer attachedHope this will help:)

  2. Thank u so much Anamika..! I really appreciate your efforts you took to write all this for me. I'll definitely try it out tomorrow morning n let u know. 🙂


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