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Hi girlies,

Its my favourite time of the year, when there are festivities all around with fun, fashion, dressing-up, make-up, food, sweets, weddings, festivals and soooooo on…

These days just seem to fly with so much going on. I am sure there are some hitches as well on taking care of our health and skin care due to eating out, as well as hair care due to a lot of exposure to heat for various blow-dries, pressing and hair styles that we need for keeping the fashion quotient high.

Today, lets discuss how good really is the age-old advise of oiling our hair for keeping them healthy and saving them from the outside exposure, on which a lot of these hair oil companies are raking in big moolah.

Today, do we still need to oil our hair?


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The answer to the question is YES but the reasons are different than we think. If you are one of those, who believe that hair oil promotes hair growth, then you are definitely far from truth.

A famous Trichologist from Mumbai says-

“Oil is good for conditioning of the hair. But it does not play any role in hair growth. If a person has dandruff, then it is best to avoid oiling hair, else it can increase the chances of fungal infection in the scalp. Moreover, if your hair is too dry, you can apply oil to the hair to condition it and improve its texture and shine. “

Oilling hydrates and moisturizes hair and prevents them from becoming rough and frizzy. It improves hair texture that has been worked upon by dyes and colors. But it does not improve hair growth or help the follicles become any stronger. A proper head massage with fingertips for at least 15 minutes totally conditions your hair and helps you unwind, it improves the blood circulation in the head, and acts as a stress buster.

What is the best way to oil your hair?



  • Heat oil to a warm temperature before applying. As you apply oil, with your fingertips, make many more partitions of hair and rub oil in each. Partitioning your hair will help oil to reach the hair properly.
  • The quantity of oil should neither be too much nor too little. Apply oil in a moderate quantity, enough to wet your hair, but massage it generously in small circular motions. Also, optimal quantity of oil requires lesser shampoo to wash it off. It also saves time and avoids misuse of oil.
  • If you getting late for a party and need to wash off the oil soon, then wrap a steaming towel around your hair for about one half hour to get the most out of using the product on your hair. But the best you can do is to oil hair before going to bed and wash it off the next day morning. You should NEVER leave oil in your hair for more than 24 hours as it can attract dirt and can make things worse.



Finally, which hair oil should you use from many available brands?

There are many brands and types of oils available in the market and its always a difficult choice to make regarding which oil should we use. You can select the one according to your preference. Some common oils, along with their benefits are mentioned here –


  • Coconut Oil – the famous Parachute coconut oil, remains an all-time favorite. Coconut oil is one of the best natural conditioner for hair. Regular massage of the head with coconut oil, gives a cooling effect and keeps you relaxed.
  • Almond Oil- Almond oil too, conditions hair and adds luster, and when it is heated to a warm temperature and applied, it totally rejuvenates you, and makes you feel lighter in the head.
  • Jojoba Oil– it is an excellent hair treatment for dry hair and a natural hair conditioner acting similar to the sebum that your scalp produces; Applying this oil twice every week, can bring a change in the condition of your mane rather quickly.


All the oils that I have mentioned above are natural oils, which are best for hair texture and quality. These days there are some non-sticky oils are also available, however, the more you stick to natural oils the better it is for your hair.

These days I am using a natural hair oil from Nature’s Co called as “Rosemary Sage Thyme Rejuvenating hair oil”. I will review it very soon 🙂

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  1. I love oiling my hair..nothing tames my frizzy hair like a good hot oil massage..well atleast it makes my jhadu baal manageable 😀

  2. Oiling your hair doesn’t help in hair growth? 😮 I thought it always did.. offlate I’ve been losing a lot of hair cuz of dandruff, maybe once tht goes off, i’ll get back to my oiling routine.

  3. i love love love oiling my hair.. i absolutely cant live w/out doing that… i oil my hair atleast 2ce a week and put it overnight and wash next morning… (one of the reasons of my *touchwood* healthy hair) Oiling never helps for hair growth??? 😯 :brokenheart: I thought it always did :smug: Anyway… i still will oil my hair coz nothing makes my hair smoother and softer after dat harsh coloring on my hair but oils. Even the best of the conditioners fail.

    great post… A! fab 😀 :yes: :yes: :yes:

    • sorry its not my post but smita’s …thing is i like oiling my hair too although i m not sure whether it helps in hair growth or not.

  4. hi girls,
    this is my 1st post here.. apparently even i was surprised that oiling doesnt promote hair growth, but all famous trichologists seem to think so 🙁 😥

  5. :laugh: That’s nice post….Smita
    Me too love oiling my hair…. :inlove:
    My Fav oil Gingly oil 😀
    Also when you have Hair Fall oil massage will aggravete hair fall…. :beatup:

  6. Well all i know that for the past months, i oiled my hair once every week and has seen growth in my hair. i can tell that because my hair would never get that long since my childhood as i never oiled my hair. but now its just amazing the growth i see and also how my hair has become lovely. But yeah………….OLIVE OIL + tea tree, lavendar, ssage and patchouli essential oils worked its wonders.

  7. actually thr r conflcting opinons.the imp thng is tht oil shd be washed off wl from scalp.coconut oil has been proven to protect hair from shampoos n supply proteins. increased crculation+hair breakage prevention =long hair.
    all the western world is now crazy abt indian oil massage ;). thse with oily dandruff/hair use aloevera gel instead of oil.

  8. I seriously don beleive on most of the researchs as one my uncle works with IIS and told me that most of the research results are money driven so I trust on Indian ancient methods as I beleive our ancestors has done all the practices with thorough knowldge , as in ayurveda its mentioned first best hail oil is mustard oil, coconut/gingly/castor seconds. 🙂 Hope this information helps all

  9. hey ..can anyone tell me a good hair oil receipe for getting thicker bouncy and shiny hair?mine is thin curly dry and lifeless.and also any good packs for such hair?I have tried a few homemade packs like egg,henna,banana etc.but all of them make my hair smooth only for one day.The next day my hair comes to its normal again.any tips to maintain the hair smooth and shiny all time?


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