Is Patanjali Honey Pure?


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patanajali honey vs dabur honey

Honey is something which has made its strong presence across the world due to its amazing properties. The market is loaded with tons of honey (many with the ‘Herbal /organic’ label). Dupable and impure honey have become just an ordinary thing in the market today and we easily fooled by the distributors with the tag of 100% bee-produced honey.

Unfortunately, we got easily confused that which one is pure and which one is not. Because of the huge variety of honey and a large number of sugar syrups or other ingredients that fraudulent manufacturers mix with it. In order to test the purity of honey, here we took 2 brand’s honey one is Patanjali honey, which is needed to be tested, then the second is Dabur honey which we have taken for the further comparison.

Price-  Dabur Honey- INR 70 for 100gm.

Patanjali Honey- INR 70 for 250gm. Buy Now

Here, we performed two precise methods by which, one can easily test the purity of honey at home.

patanjali honey purity test

Purity Test – Method 1

In the first method, we took 1/2 bowl of water then poured a spoonful of honey into it. If the honey dissolves completely then it won’t be pure at all. Real honey never dissolves in water and makes thin golden strings only.

  • Dabur Honey-  When, I first tested this, It didn’t dissolve at all.
  • Patanjali Honey- I use to make it tea with this one on daily basis and It leaves a thick layer at the bottom of the cup every time. In this method, It has passed the purity test just like Dabur honey.

dabur honey price

Purity Test- Method 2

Here comes the ‘Agni Pariksha’ Of honey, Just kidding! In this method, we took a small Diaa/ Candle and lightened up for further testing. Then, We went ahead with a thick cotton string and drenched it with honey and burnt this cotton string with flame. If the honey is pure, it won’t give any crackling sound while burning.

  • Dabur Honey- It did give crackling sound initially but when I soaked it properly, it didn’t give that sound much.
  • Patanjali Honey – Woah! It didn’t give that crackling sound much which shows that the Patanjali honey is far pure than the Dabur one.

dabur honey texture

So, guys, The winner is Patanjali honey in all manner. I have been using this honey since long and I never ever doubted on its purity. But, when I got so many queries about this, I decided to do its purity test at home itself. Once, I decided to shift onto Dabur honey as people talk a lot about it, but after doing this test I’ll better stick to my favourite Patanjali honey as it delivers great quality plus it comes only at INR 70 for 250gms, great isn’t it? While Dabur honey comes at INR 70 for 100 GM only which almost in half of Patanjali honey. What more proof could one ask for?

patanjali honey

I hope you guys liked this post. If you want me to test more product then please comment below. I would love to do that for you guys. Until Next time, Take care!

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