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I am a normal to oily skin type and also I am well into my 40’s (so you have the age factor as well here). I currently use Olay products – cleanser, the day cream (with spf)and the night cream. I have been told many a time that I should be using a serum as well for my mature skin. Firstly, is this a must? If yes, would you folks have any recommendations/suggestions on a good serum? Just FYI- I have tried the Ponds gold radiance and the Olay serum. While the Ponds one broke me out, the Olay serum didn’t do much.




Would appreciate any info I can get.






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  1. Hi Aruna, frankly i find serums are over rated. I have been using serums consistently since the last 8 years and have given up on them a couple of months back. I tried everything from living proof to clinique even better correct serum which is mighty expensive to vichy essences. I found none of these do any dramatic changes to the skin tone. Some how clinique products never fared well with me (or maybe SA diagnosed wrong)…whatever is the case. With mature skin you need to have a product with AHA as it restores damaged skin cells. With mature skin, the main emphasis is to be with moisturization as skin does tend to dry outWhile you are blessed with oily skin, you probably wont face much issues. But frankly serums are hell over rated.. 😛 Hope this helps….emmm sorry for the loooong post! 😛

  2. Thanks Divya. I so appreciate your comment. I was thinking along the same lines too. i just kept thinking serums are a must and you know how SAa are. they will look at your weak points and try to sell anything..maybe a good moisturzier is enough. thanks again.

  3. i guess noone really had an opinion abt this..:( too bad..but no issuesss…maybe the next time I’ll put questions on lipsticks and concealers ..hahahahhahahah

  4. i tried lotus whiteglow serum and it turned out to be a dud… lost hopes in a serum since they are too pricey and do no action.. i m also open to suggestions.. thinking abt the olay regenerist range.. wat say?


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