Is Your Hair Cut Wrong For Your Hair Type?


Hello, ladies!

Some girls like it long while some love it short but definitely a hair cut is one of the essential beauty routines for all belles out there. Personally, I love hair cuts and always go wild when it comes to haircuts. One fine morning you can see my waist length hair while the next morning, you can see me flaunting a bob cut. But sometimes it may happen that you don’t like the cut of your hair and there is this inner tension going on which will always pinch you whenever you look at the mirror. Probably, you didn’t do your research well before heading for that cut. Yes, haircuts depend on two things – face shape and hair types and we should consider both when trimming those manes. And this post is all about how to choose your haircut according to your hair type. Dig in!

How to choose your haircut according to your hair type:

  • Thick Hair 

Thick hair is the dream for all girls as it is easy to manage and you can do tonnes of hairstyles with it. When opting for a haircut, go for a simple bob with longer layers in the front and shorter ones at the back which look superb on oval and heart shaped face ladies.

  • Thin Hair

Thin hair can be a bit tricky to deal with as any cut which can accentuate the thin texture is definitely not a good idea. You can go for a blunt cut that will create an illusion of thickness. Also, popular lob with an asymmetrical cut is a great option. Avoid feather cuts as that can look scruffy.

  • Curly Hair

I know the pain! Curly hair is one of the most stubborn hair types but there are a few hair styles that suit this hair type. Go for a layer cut with loads of layers that taper around your face. Also, you can opt for an angular lob with longer layers in the front, and shorter ones at the back.

  • Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is one of the most fun hair textures to play with. You can opt for various haircuts on this type if done right. Some of our suggestions are - tousled pixie cut or shoulder-length beach waves. They will add loads of fun vibes and are extremely trendy to work with.

  • Straight Hair

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Straight hair looks super awesome but on the bad hair days, this can be a nightmare. But if you opt for a blunt cut with a sweeping bang to add some volume at the crown, I am sure you will be able to get away with that flatness. If you want it short, then opt for a shoulder-length bob or a pixie cut.

That’s all girlies! Hope you will get your cut right.


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