Is Your Husband Cheating On You?

God always impart women with a sixth sense which can make her easily analyze whether her relationship with her husband is on the right track or not .If you suspect that your husband is cheating on you then check out below signs which may sound familiar to you but you might have probably not taken them seriously.




Secretive phone calls-If your husband immediately wants to leave the room to take a call or try hard so that you are not able to hear his conversation then there is surely something fishy. He may guarding his phone by taking it with him wherever he goes and always get worried when you access his phone.
Change in sex life-There can be two possibilities if you doubt your husband .Either he will not be interested in having sex with you or he might want it more than ever.
Using computers at odd hours-If your husband is using computer after you go to sleep or before you get up then you must understand that there is something which is not right.
You might also see him closing his window whenever you come near to the computer then there is surely something which he isnt interested in sharing with you.
Working late regularly or working on weekends too-If your man has started being late all of a sudden and is burden with heavy work load in office which was never the case before then something is up.

Mood swings
-Suddenly your husband has started acting too sweet or too ignorant then you should get into your alert mode. If he seems happier then what he has been in a long time then surely it is a cause of concern for you.
Above mentioned signs may not be true and can just be purely coincidental but it can be other way round as well.
If you see two or three above symptoms then you must surely watch for other suspicion behaviors as well that just dont add up.

What do you have to say about  cheating issue ?

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  1. Wanted to read this post since u posted it but didn't have enough time. Hehe…I will keep these signs in mind♥xx♥


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