Its Your Fault All Over Again – India’s Rape Reality


Its Your Fault All Over Again – India’s Rape Reality

Why do women get raped? Rapes happen because sick mind of males but they love to blame it all on the females. They say that women wear revealing clothes which ‘excite’ men and they become ‘helpless’ and rape women.

How comfortably women are accused of a crime against themselves! A man cannot control himself and then he points finger on women for being too ‘modern’. They say that women should cover themselves properly and then there will be no rapes. I feel like saying such words that cannot be written here so I’ll just remind all stupid sickos that women get raped in villages too and there the dresses cover them from head to toe. Girls get raped in schools too where they are clad in usual school uniforms. I cannot fathom how someone can get excited by the sighte of girls as young as 2-3 years.

Watch this video for sure because when I watched it, I saw a rapist in each of the respondents. The only woman in this video is classic example of the saying that a woman’s biggest enemy is another woman.

I will give you a simple example and it is not about rape. My sister-in-law studies in a reputed college and there the dress-code is khadi salwar-kameez so that the girls do not look attractive. It means no boyfriends and only studies. How ridiculous is that! And now the expected twist- she and her friends are not spared from any eve-teasing, lewd remarks and gestures. Will the respondents in this video explain this?

I would not say much as the video is self-explanatory. Watch it and share your thoughts. Yes men too!

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  1. This is the society we live in.. Unbelievable.. Dunno how many years and how many victims will it take to realize that rape is an equally heinous crime.. N nobody ‘deserves’ it ever..
    M so sad n numb after watching dis video.. It is scary that we live among such people.. N our gurls are out there getting targeted everyday..
    Do we leave ‘not getting raped’ also on luck or can something really change this mentality??

  2. It’s such a shameful thing that we live in a society that thinks like this…. These perverts who are explaining the so-called reasons behind the rapes should teach men how to behave not women how to dress. Distusting

  3. Well, it finally comes down to how women dress.. And who supports this disgusting idea, our women themselves.. My aunt is one among them.. What I failed to do was make her understand – There is no point in talking to them and waste our time!! Well, I don’t need someone telling it’s the girl fault – if they do, they basically rape the girl with their dirty minds too.. All I can do no, is curse them which I cant do it here obvi 😉

  4. Sick they are!

    I have heard that if a girl is seen in a corner with her guy friend in a lonely area these kind of people form a group and rape her up..

    Scary but its true.

  5. One fine day I wore a decent knee length dress to my work place because casual dress up was allowed. I immediately became the centre of attraction and people started khus phus and cheap comments about my body, innerwear and what not. To my surprise girls participated equally. I told my boss the truth of his employees and left the place.

  6. Really sick of the mentality! and it is not about skin show or anything! They just have to pass cheap comments!
    One day I along with my father-in-law went to the mall and I wore a skinny jeans & top..only my hands were showing in the clothes..but can’t explain the way few men eyes were looking at me! I really felt if this repeats 2-3 times more probably my FIL will surely ask me to wear a suit instead of jeans!!

    I had a strong urge to punch them in the face and yes they don’t care whether a girl is married or not…i put sindoor each day I guess there is no shame left or morality on that regard!

    • Sindoor no sindoor .No body has the right to do this..

      if somebody stare at me i ask them “Kya hai ” and some time I have spit in front of them(almost like on their face lol ) showing this is what i think about you..ofcourse i have done it when i know there are lot of people around …

      Studying in Delhi made me tough ..i remember being eve teased by the police only..

  7. My office has strict dress code for women the circular said , ” no tight fitting dress, no jeans and t-shirts and no sleeve less dresses which expose your physique “. We all go like fully clad with kurta , chudidar n dupatta. But I was eve teased thrice near my office while returning home. When I complained my senior authority, a 59 year old lady that late exit from work is causing me trouble,she bluntly said that its all my fault, you make urself different to get attention n then invite rape!!! . u should not tarnish the Dept’s image!!!
    I felt like slapping her right there!!!!

  8. WTF!! Main to mard hu,,,,wtf does dat mean??? Im just too furious to even warrant this disgusting video with a response….n how could another women say this?? Wear a sari, expose you entire tummy and mostly even the bra straps r visible but thats ok?? But wearing denims or even wearin a skool uniform warrants rape? How dusgusting!

  9. Gosh… felt like punching every one in the video… even if a woman doesn’t wear anything.. won’t give a permission to rape her.. it’s our body..n upto us what we like to wear… useless to say anything to such cheap mentality people…

  10. Disgustingly sick is this mentality….which can only be changed with new mothers educating and cleansing their baby boys right from start!

  11. Whatever we wear, even if it is a bikini, no man has the right to comment on us. What if we start commenting on their exposed hairy legs? Don’t they wear shorts? Sick, and our only fault is that we stay quiet and try to ignore them. We should stare back at them comment like they do, as we are considered to be equal.

  12. A guy purposely pinched me twice while travelling. I was only 18years old then. I felt at that time that i had to do something abt it else i would be regretting about that incident all throughout my life. I turned towards that sick man and slapped him twice. Yes! slap for one pinch. Lol 😀 He started abusing and later sm people around took him aside and hit him hard. Thank god, they were sm sensible men! I still feel proud of myself till date that i took a step and tried to defend myself.

  13. God… Seeing this makes me so happy to be living outside India…. I wear whatever the hell we I want and nobody even cares…. No glares, stares, whistles, or comments…. I can wear a bikini and sit in the bus if I want and people will give u privacy…

  14. “women wear revealing clothes which ‘excite’ men and they become ‘helpless’ and rape women.!!! What are they dogs !!! ???

    Infact i feel sarees are more revealing that western outfits. Stomach, waist whatnot on show. Still people dont want a sensible pairs of jeans to be worn by us just cause it provokes some pervert minds.


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