IWB Client Weight Loss Success Story


IWB Client Weight Loss Success Story

Hi Folks! I’m Pritha from Kolkata..a girl who loves her ”Machher Jhol – Bhat” (fish curry n rice) above anything. As a result I’ve been obese my whole life.  But today whenever I look at the mirror…I feel like…”OMG! Am I dreaming?” Well I’m not. Last 6 months have transformed me so much both physically & mentally that nowadays people are asking, “Are you Pritha..by any chance??Are you alright? How could you be so thin!!! What happened to you!!!!” and with a big smile on my face I reply..”yes… IWB happened”. Today I’m gonna share with you my dream come true sort of story which otherwise would never be possible if I won’t have Team IWB by my side.

I’ve been obese almost my whole life and until last year I was ok with that. All my well wishers tried to convince me for shedding some of it several times, even I also tried few ways(joined gym thrice – but discontinued after few months, joined yoga – again discontinued, joined VLCC – no visual change happened) but nothing seems to have worked…and I least bothered. But last year in one of my vacation trip when I was walking uphill (for 20 min max) I was feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack, my body was feeling like lead to me. After that trip I actually started thinking of losing some weight and was searching for “EASY” weight loss tips n tricks.


IWB Client Weight Loss


Secretly I was hoping for meeting the Geenie of Alaadin who’s gonna change me from Me to Urmila Matondkar (remember the ad 😛 ). In one of those searches, one fine morning I bumped into a blog called “Indian Weightloss Blog” whose posts actually interested me quite a lot. So I decided to contact them & eventually got introduced with some wonderful people who themselves are live examples for someone like me. Hence my Journey begins.

I opted for the One Month package provided by the IWB. Frankly speaking, I was not very sure about the result at the beginning and had a fear of wasting money. Yet I tried. One thing I dedicatedly did was..I completely obeyed what IWB asked me to do. It was their suggestion to stop consuming Carbohydrates.Though I looovvveee rice…I stopped having it. It was their suggestion to workout everyday…so no matter how tired I was, I did workout even if it’s for only 15 minutes. everyday I used to update my daily activities & IWB team member used to review it…yes..everyday without failure. As it was the month of September, in Kolkata it’s the time of our biggest festival Durga Puja. And festivities means eating unhealthy(read junk !) food. I stopped myself from that..it was not easy though. But after all that, at the end of one month, I found that I weigh almost 10 kgs less than from where I started(I started from 88 Kgs…and after 1 month I weighed 79kg). The best part of having relationship with IWB is, even if the package ends, IWB won’t forget you. And whenever you need them, they’ll try their level best to help you out. I’m not sharing my diet diary or exercise details because I did what I was asked(If you’re interested, do contact IWB for it).


IWB Weight Loss Success Story


I’m a patient of PCOS and that made my weightloss journey a bit more difficult. But I sincerely thank Team IWB for their valued suggestions during my weightloss journey, today I weigh 65Kgs and I’m not obese or overweight anymore. My PCOS problem is improving as well.

Before concluding I would like to share with you what I learned from my journey.

  1. There’s is no shortcut for weight loss. Remember…Hard Work pays off.
  2. Weight Loss is a result of a combination of proper diet & daily exercise. There’s no alternate of that( that’s where I failed previously. Earlier when I tried to shed, I never controlled my eating.).
  3. Never deprive yourself…rather counsel. If you’re in weight loss journey, you’ll not be allowed to have your favourite whitebread burger with extra cheese. Now, if you deprive yourself day after day…one day will come when the devil in you will take control of your mind & you’ll end up committing the sin. Rather.. you should talk to yourself & make it clear what’s good & what’s bad for you. That’s the only way to fight back…trust me.

IWB’s suggestions have changed my lifestyle so much, today I‘ve become an example for my friends & colleagues. People are asking me continually what I did & trying to follow that.The food habit is changing among my colleagues as we share lunch sometimes (and I refuse to eat unhealthy food).


IWB Client Weight Loss Success Story


Overall a positive vibe is around me and whenever I’m sharing my recent photos in social media, I get only positive feedbacks. My doctors are also happy for me.

All these good things have again motivated me to join IWB once again with a target of being underweight now. Wish me luck friends 🙂 !

I sincerely thank IWB for the miracle they did to me & wish that they continue helping out people who are in need.

Thank you IWB..have a great future!

For any queries or more information about IWB Weight Loss Program, please email us –  [email protected]

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