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IWB Spreading Smiles

Somewhere , in some part of the world, lives a stupid girl who believes that Life is a Bigggg Party ! The party becomes merrier as more people join in. Life, the Party – the bigger…. the better ! She believes in Karma i.e. you reap what you sow. She follows the religion of  making 3 people smile everyday ! She is selfish and greedy, so she thinks those 3 smiles would bring smiles and happiness in her life.. many folds.

Off late, she along with few other good souls(The Gang-IWB), started a Weight Loss Program which has a clear and sole objective of making people lose weight. The good fortune blessed the Gang to meet a lot of people. Let’s call these folks as Friends 🙂




Friend 1/Client1

She felt that she is looked down upon, by her friends,  relatives and her family,  all the more her parents too. She felt that her weight is the hurdle between her and her loved ones. IWB thought that their goal is to make her lose weight. Or was it more ?

Friend 1 has lost a couple of kgs on her path to a healthy body and a happy soul. Some of her friends were pleasantly surprised and some of them got jealous ! Her parents that matters the most to her, are overwhelmed to see their daughter back to life.

Friend 2/Client2

She started smoking to attract people’s attention to her new found chore or perhaps to distract attention from her weight. IWB thought that their goal is to make her lose weight. Or was it more ?


iwb weight loss program1

Friend 2 lost 4 kgs weight in 3 weeks and is motivated to achieve her ideal weight. IWB swears not to spare Friend 2 and make her quit smoking for ever.

Friend 3/Client3

She has a slip disc issue due to which she goes through a lot of pain. She feels helpless that she is not able to walk or exercise. She always freaks out since her weight fluctuates like a spring in a few hours. Her hormones dance around that makes her mensus cycle unbearable for her. IWB thought that their goal is to make her lose weight. Or was it more ?

Friend 3 has lost more than 10 kgs in less than 2 months despite so much pain and anxiousness.

Friend 4/Client 4

She is planning her second baby;her first little one is a special child. Her doctor has strongly suggested her to reduce weight. She finds it difficult to workout being a working mom and taking care of her child. IWB thought that their goal is to make her lose weight. Or was it more ?

Friend 4  has started losing weight gearing up for a second smile in her family.

More stories soon. Until next time, keep smiling 🙂 !


Stupid Girl ..finally gathering a lot more smiles !

If you wish to join IWB friend list, email – [email protected]

smile weight loss

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  1. Tarun your write up gave me goose-bumps. Awesome work :yes: I feel so proud to be associated with Wiseshe… These,aren’t just words, trust me.

  2. Wow Tarun you guys are doing really great! It’s not only their weight that they are losing but also changing their lives for the better 🙂 Keep spreading smiles 🙂

  3. i am another stupid girl going through a post by THE “stupid” girl (as she calls herself), feeling the same love all around and the warmth of those precious little smiles..!!


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