IWB Weight Loss Program-Biggest Losers


IWB Weight Loss Program-Biggest Losers

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The IWB weight loss program has changed so many lives so far! Clients are really happy about their transformation. Let us have a closer look at the clients who lost the most number of Kgs under our guidance.

IWB Weight Loss Program-Biggest Losers

1) Sheryl’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story

Sheryl post-pregnancy-weight-loss-program-india

Sheryl lost about 9 Kgs in a period of 45 days! It is not a joke because what she lost was her post pregnancy weight! 30 year old Sheryl is a new mom who found a new self with the help of our weight loss program. Her weight was 60 Kgs when she was 25 years old but as time passed she gained weight and in 2013 when she was expecting, she 74 Kgs. Post her delivery she was around 86 Kgs in Jun 2015.

She says that she is very glad that she joined IWB weight loss program. She has found our program very different from other programs. Being a foodie she just couldn’t stay away from yummy food. So, our program was customized in a fashion that she could enjoy her meals and still lose weight. What she liked was that the IWB team kept hr motivated with prompt feedback and replies. She recommends this program to all!

2) Pritha’s weight loss story

IWB Client Weight Loss Success Story

Pritha- a girl next door who was overweight and tried all kinds of things to lose weight but in vain. She then joined our weight loss program. Pritha weighed 88 Kgs when she joined our program and by the end of her first month with us, she lost 9 kgs! Our program has both diet control and exercise. If you think Pritha worked out a lot, let me tell you that she did a 15-20 minute workout each day and 45-50 min workout on weekends. That is all. It is what you eat that matters most, 70 to 80 percent of your weight loss depends on your diet control.

Pritha now weighs 65kgs ad wants to shed a little more. She was also suffering from PCOS and things have improved a lot for her. Our program is all about healthy eating and there are no pills or crash diets. The program has helped Pritha discover a new self!

3) A college going over weight girl

 IWB client weight loss 01

One of our client was able to lose 10 kgs in on month flat! It is a special milestone for us as this time it was a student. The young girl was very much worried when she hit 80 Kgs, she even went into depression. She landed on our site and joined our program. With the help of our team she lost 10 kgs. She isn’t going to stop with that she says. Her target is to hit 50 kgs soon. What she found great about our program is that the team never lets anyone get demotivated. There is a daily feedback that helped her stay on track. Now her goal is not just to slim down but to get perfectly healthy!

So, these 3 are the biggest losers in our weight loss program. The program has not just helped in moving the needle down on their weighing scale but has also enabled them to look at themselves and their lives differently. Our program doesn’t just change numbers on the scale but lives too!

If you wish to change your life by shedding off your weight, write to us [email protected]

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