IWB Weight Loss Program- Find The New You


IWB Weight Loss Program- Find the new you

Happy Independence Day.

fitness freaks independence day

Today is 68th Independence Day of our country and our country is struggling hard to fight the misdoings of past and future. This is the time we need to identify what is wrong around us, or even within us. Have you any idea about it? Have you realised that you and your family is fighting various health issues which are the results of fat and obesity. Think about it and keep reading about the issue that we are discussing today.

Various people follow various ways of eating to lose weight and most of them get results too. Three years back I had tried every diet available on the internet but lost no weight. (I had 40 kg to lose then). Then came in my Low Carb Atkins Diet with guarantied weight loss results and I refound my identity as an intelligent woman who was smart enough to know what is good for her. What ! You offended… well, no please don’t be. I really mean this one as I feel that if you are ignoring your health and suffering because of  obesity, then I have the right to think of you as a dumb woman and this holds equally true for men also. Your intelligence has got no meaning if you don’t understand the value of good health and a fit body. You might be the richest person of the world but if your health is not good; if you are not happy from the inside; that wealth is of no use as there is only one biggest wealth in this world and that is,” Health, Your Health”.

A few months back “Indian Weight Loss Blog” took one step ahead to show the path of wisdom to people associated with it. We started a Weight Loss Program for all those obesity sufferers, who are in need of losing some weight. There were hundreds of enquiries about the program and thus today we are again letting everyone know the Main features of our Weight Loss Program.

Features of IWB Weight Loss Program

  • Customized diet plan for every individual.

  • Fortnightly diet plans & follow up.  We never let you get bored with food and low on motivation.

  • Instant communication with the weight loss team through mail.

  • Personal attention  is the key word  as Mentors are appointed to connect with you. They are your FPG – Friend Philosopher and Guide. 

  • The program is based on Low Carb lifestyle and results assured. 

  • No starvation.

  • All links to the recipes provided in your Meal Plans. 

Is it effective for Weight Loss?

IWB Weight Loss team has helped more than 40 people to lose weight by leading them on the path of health and fitness through Low Carb Diets. All these 40 + people have lost weight, some more than 5 kg,  while some lower than 2 kg on the scale. but the fact remains that all of them lost some. Here is an analysis of the best five ‘losers’ without display of the clients’ name or pictures as they are still on their weight loss journey towards health and fitness.

                     Old Weight             New Weight             Period

Client 1                107 Kg                              98 Kg                           2 Months

Client 2                83 Kg                                72 Kg                           2 Months

Client 3                77 Kg                                67.8 Kg                       2.5 Months

Client 4                79 Kg                                75 Kg                           1 Month

Client 5                98 kg                                95 kg                            1 Month

Find the new you

IWB Weight Loss Program- Weight Loss Results The new you

If you wish to feel the new you; if you wish to know what a light and gorgeous person is lying hidden inside you; if something inside you is struggling to break free, its your time to choose IWB Weight Loss Program and let the real you fly free like a beautiful butterfly, light, happy  spreading joy in every nook and corner. Because you were not born to just sulk; you didn’t come to this world to be entangled in the unbreakable tangles of obesity…. you are a beautiful individual under the layers of that ugly looking fat, which is making you depressed and degenerating. It’s your moment to take a decision about your life, your happiness and your health as well as fitness; and we at IWB promise to assist you in fulfilling your dream of feeling happy and obesity free. We belong to each other. Let us help you.

Join IWB Weight Loss Program for a loss that you will love. 🙂 If others can do it, why can’t you? Give it a thought.

Join IWB Weight Loss Program, The team is waiting for you.

Email us on – [email protected]

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