IWB Weight Loss Program-Registrations Open


IWB Weight Loss Program-Registrations Open

Three years back when I started my weight loss journey, it seemed difficult because I had loads to lose; more than 30 kilos to lose. I am a heavy boned person, so didn’t plan to lose really much because I knew I would any way fail on the weighing scale. I had planned to touch 70s and adopted a particular way of eating with some walking plans. It took me almost 16 – 17 months to get desired results. I was 98 kilos till January 2012 and then in July 2013, I weighed 67 kg on weighing scale.




Few months back when I met TarunPreet and Anamika and shared my weight loss story with them, I realised that we three had many things in common and most important was our weight loss effort.




Coincidentally, all three of us had lost those unwanted kilos adopting the same way of eating. That gave birth to a weight loss team which started working on ‘IWB Weight Loss Program’. This is not just a program but our mission to help all those people who wanted to lose weight without staying hungry or wasting money on costly gyms. Our IWB Weight Loss Program took final shape with the help of experts in the field and we launched a full fledged weight loss program based on our experiences and nutritionists’ guidance.

We knew that the program will work for anyone who wishes to lose weight since it worked for all of us. And there has been no looking back. Our clients have had the same loss that we had, weight loss 🙂 !

Since the day we launched this program, we are attending never ending queries. Below are the a few more questions that we have been asked, we hope that this would help a lot of anxious readers who have hesitated to take the first step to join the IWB weight loss program.

‘IWB Weight Loss Program ‘ FAQ

Q.1          When did IWB launch this Weight Loss Program?

Ans.         IWB announced IWB’s WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM on April 22, 2014 and the first Diet plan was delivered to the first group of ‘FRIENDS’ in the first week of May.

Q.2         FRIENDS!!!

Ans.        IWB has a policy of not using the word CLIENT as we believe that all those followers who are reaching us for weight loss help, are our friends and we keep them close to our heart.

One of our Friend shared her experience which touched us –

I have PCOD and have been obese most of my life. Despite various attempts to lose weight; I ended up feeling fatigued and depressed due to minimal weight loss. Every time I used to wonder that what am I doing wrong? Then one day I read Anamika’s post about her weight loss journey and thought to myself that let me give their program a try as well. My main apprehensions before beginning the program were that will they be as prompt in replying as they claim to be? Will they adjust the diet according to my needs?  With these questions in my mind, I contacted Tarun and my weight loss journey began. And I must say that it has been an amazing journey so far. I have lost 4.5 kgs in 3 weeks and that is not because of any crash diet, but because of a carefully designed diet for me. For a person like me who has endless number of questions throughout the day, they reply to each and every silliest query promptly. Most importantly, I find their feedback and conversations highly motivating which inspires me to work harder towards my weight loss. Their personal involvement with keen observation is really commendable and I am thankful to the entire team and especially Tarun for being extremely supportive. It’s like having a friend who will walk with you through your tough times to ultimately reach the desired destination.

Q.3        How has been the response to IWB’s WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM ?

Ans.       The response had been instantly great. In the first drive of  making new ‘friends’ we helped ten women lose weight and now when we have just completed our second month the numbers have more than doubled.

Q.4         What is the general trend in losing kilos of your ‘Friends’?

Ans.       Those who are sincerely following the program are losing minimum 3 kilos to maximum 9 kilos in a month.

Q.5         What is the age group who can follow this program?

Ans.      Anyone from the age of 17 to 70 can do it. Yes , we mean it. There is no age bar. We have helped friends from 19 years to 50 years.

Q.6       Is this program only for women?

Ans.    No, not at all we have a few young male ‘Friends’ who are students and losing weight following this program.

Q.7     Any health hazards involved for any particular age group?

Ans.   There are absolutely ‘ZERO’ health hazards involved in our weight loss program, rather we can proudly say that our weight loss Friends have experienced immense improvement in their health. They have reported improved energy levels, reduced dosage of their medicines and better sleep pattern too.

Q.8     Do you recommend your clients (oops!) ‘Friends’ some gym or other workouts too to accelerate weight loss?

Ans.  No, we do not recommend any gym or tough workouts, but yes we do help our ‘Weight loss Friends’ to go for easy exercises with simple effective movements that people of any age can do at home.

Q.9   Is your Weight Loss program effective and convenient for nursing mothers and over busy working women, who can’t enjoy the luxury of going to gym and can’t even be on VLCD ( Very Low Calories Diet)?

Ans.  Of course we take our ‘Friends’ towards their weight loss goals keeping in mind their compulsions regarding diet as well as exercising. Thus making our program perfect for busy mothers and working women who cant go to gym or eat lower than required calories.

Q.10  Do you follow any particular WOE (way of eating) like low calories or low carbohydrates?

Ans.   We believe in low and healthy carbohydrates lifestyle. But our suggested meal plans are not of any particular WOE but each ‘Friend’ is helped by giving a personalized diet plan according to individual needs. We aim to help our weight loss ‘Friends’ by making them lose extra weight without pulling down their energy levels and hurting their emotional well being.

Q.11  How is ‘IWB WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM’ different and why does it click with the ‘Weight Loss Friends’ of yours?

Ans.   Okay, These are the highlights of our Weight Loss Program which makes us extra ordinary.

  • First and foremost is our personal touch and rapport with the so called Clients of ours. We treat them as friends and work as a team to help them lose weight in a high spirited way. That is why we do not refer to them as ‘Clients’ but ‘Friends’.
  • We track each and every ‘Weight Loss Friend’ on a daily basis and make necessary changes whenever required.
  • ‘IWB Weight Loss Program’ doesn’t believe in any kind of starvation diet.
  • We help ‘Weight Loss Friends” handle their food cravings issues effectively.
  • Whenever any ‘Friend’ has a social commitment and has to attend any party, we do not suggest any ban rather suggest ideal meal options so that there is no feeling of deprivation.
  • IWB Weight Loss Program followers never experience boredom of eating the same dishes as our team keeps working on the meal plans to enable a lot of variety in food options.
  • We do not suggest any separate cooking for the follower, all dishes can be prepared for the family with minor changes.
  • We provide grocery list but its never any fancy grocery list.
  • The best part of this program is that we provide different recipes for the dishes also so the followers become better cooks too.
  • And yes, we are available daily to check the updates of ‘Friends’ and motivate them to go on strong. What else do you require when you are feeling low and fighting a weight stall?

Q.12  Will you take my case ?

This question has been asked by almost everyone. If you relate to any of the scenarios below, we can handle your case without any difficulty.

  • Obesity
  • Bulging tummy/paunch/abdominal obesity
  • Food Addiction
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • PCOD
  • Asthma
  • Post pregnancy weight woes
  • Planning a child and doctor has asked to shed weight

Since the beginning of IWB weight loss program, we have made it a point to help only 10 people at a time, so that we can help them better by giving full attention. After the announcement of IWB of weight loss program in April, we are now inviting registrations again. Come, be a part of our Friend circle.

If you have queries, please feel free to ask in comments. You can reach us at [email protected]

Also, check out our weight loss blog here


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  1. Superb work and commendable commitment…. I just love how much of effort you put in everything you do… Way to go Anamika, Tarun and Kanan!!!! :yes:

  2. Hi everyone… Me Manisha suffering from pcod since two years but after taking ayurveda treatment I had lost 14kgs as well… But now my weight has struck nd not able to shed a single kg…. Can u help me to reduce? Thanks for such a lovely information u all frnds provide on this blog… I’m 33 yrs of weight 70kg nd height is 5’4…hooing to get reply soon from all of u…. Thanks nd love u:-* Manisha Sethi

  3. Hi, just saw this link and came here. How can one get registered to this programme? I do understand that you take in only ten at a time.


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