IWB Weight Loss Program Success Stories and FAQ


IWB Weight Loss Program Success Stories and FAQ

Heya Beautiful Ladies,

We have almost completed 1 month of IWB Weight Loss Program successfully. If you have missed the program, please check out the program here and a few testimonials and progress of clients here.

Some of our clients have had commendable success, a round of applause for them please 🙂

Client 1

Starting Weight – 73.2 kgs

Current Weight after 2 weeks – 69.7 kgs

Weight Loss in 2 weeks – 3.5 kgs

wiseshe weightloss

Client 2

Starting Weight – 84 kgs

wiseshe weight loss programme


Current Weight after 3 weeks – 78.6 kgs


iwb weight loss program


Weight Loss in 3 weeks – 5.4 kgs


Client 3

Starting Weight – 76 kgs

Current Weight after 25 days – 69.6 kgs

Weight Loss in 3 weeks – 6.4 kgs

iwb weight loss program1

After seeing the results, if you are still wondering whether to enroll for our program or not, let me answer a few FAQ to give you an idea of how our Weight Loss team works. These questions/concerns/queries are exactly word to word same from the horse’s mouth, i mean client’s 😛

I’ve heard that if we quit the low carb high calorie diet after losing all the weight we want, we gain weight back, So is it true I can’t never have carbs again in my life.

My response to her –

First of all, this is not a diet but a lifestyle. Secondly, its not high calorie.

Thirdly, we don’t stop your carbs. We just replace bad carbs wid good ones. we Indians usually eat way more carbs than our body can tolerate, that’s why we gain weight.

Last, to answer your question. If you go back to eating high carbs , will you  gain ?

We will teach you the way to not to gain weight and still enjoy life.Like we said its a lifestyle and not a diet plan.I have usually gained 2-3 kgs gradually every year before turning weight watcher. I am sure you would have also faced the  same. But yes once you  shed weight, you can be a little easy on yourself and  still enjoy what you wish to eat but at the right time and not daily.

If you don’t believe that low carb works, here is a 47 year old woman- Kanan who lost weight by low carbing and has not gained back.





I have lost my motivation to workout , need someone to push me. Will you help me in workout  ?

My response to her –

Usually our clients say they don’t workout, some indirectly express they won’t ! In our  programme we will never push you for things instead will go as per you.For example..one of our client told us she is not interested in gymming but when she saw her weight loss she herself asked us to go for walks .Its the motivation to lose more that worked with her .

Do I have to pay 4000 rs every month ?

Yes, this is the cost of 1 month program

My pms is approaching and my cravings make me mad. Can you allow me some of my favorite foods ?

We customized the plan for this dear client for her pms week. If you are our client, you don’t have to worry about it, we are there for you.

Can I eat one slice of pizza please, boss is giving party.

Yes! you can but be honest to us and yourself and have it .Also , we gave her pizza recipe which she can have every week 😉

My Mother in law is coming next week :P. As per her boiled rice when water is thrown out is ok and roti never makes you fat. Can we manage my meals that time ?

We are going to customize the meal plan for this client. Miss client, if you are reading this post, sorry,but I could not control giggling at your request 😀

I am feeling very hungry. What to do , please help

This client is a lactating mom and felt extremely hungry always. We made sure that she eats every two hours and still lose weight.

Can I have your number ? Need to talk before signing up.

No please. I am extremely quick in responding to emails and this way of communication has worked wonders for clients in the past 3 weeks. In fact, they never lose the information which can be missed in the verbal conversation.

I think you should give one week trial to see the results coz there are a lot of people online promising similar results…whats say?

My response to her –

The results are dependent on your hard work and sincerity, not ours. No matter how good a plan is, if you don’t follow , you won’t see results.  In that scenario, if you don’t do it, our hard work goes to vain. Don’t you think its unfair to judge our hard work on the basis of how much effort you put in ?
Lastly, we don’t sell standard plans that you see online. Had it been the case, I wont have taken time to check whether our dietician and team can handle it or not before accepting your case.

How are you different than the rest ?

By now you would have an idea how we work, if you find a program that promises to alter your plan when your mother in law arrives or you boss throws a pizza party and still make you lose weight, let me know, I will also join 😛 . We all perform better when we are watched 😉 . Ladies who wish to join the program can email us at [email protected] . 

If you still have queries, please comment below. We will be happy to answer 🙂


  1. Hey Tarun,

    Was wondering, how would you manage the clients overseas? Like, I am in states, and if I want to join, how would the model work?


  2. Yeah yeah yeah…He he…5.4 kgs in 3 weeks. I can’t believe myself. Lol :-p but 6.4 kgs… wow. Awesome. Congrats to that client 🙂 great work…
    One more question…The weight shall not go always so quickly down…how will people deal with weight plateau.

  3. I’m a lactating mother and a wide awake blue beans for the entire night..
    I wish to lose weight naturally and without a decrease in lactation..
    can i join the program?


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