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IWB Weight Loss Program-Phase 2

Hi Everyone,

You all must be knowing about the weight loss programme which we have been running on the www.fitnessvsweightloss.com blog since last month.Thanks for such an overwhelming response and showing so much trust in us.


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We have successfully completed 12- 15 days of our weight loss program and we asked few of  our clients to send us the food pictures which we have planned for them with our dietitian and here it goes.




A testimonial that one of our dear dieters shared after 1 week plan –


Hi, Down with lumbar spinal stenosis and slip disc issues, I was on a weight gain train. Medications, bed rest and poor eating habits just made it all worse. I have always been an ardent reader of IWB and with the weight loss plan, I thought I must give it a try. I have done everything and in many ways to lose weight but nothing succeeds…I got in touch with Tarun got my doubts cleared and started with the program.
I have lost 1 kgs in 1 and few inches in a week. I feel light and healthy already. Today one of my colleague complimented saying my waist looks better πŸ˜› . I haven’t deviated from the plan once and I feel it’s filling. There are options to eat and till now there has been no complain. I do feel hungry at a certain time but Tarun is trying her best to help me in that πŸ˜› ..Thanks.


Weight scale proof of another client:-


wiseshe weight loss programme

A mail from another client:-


Hello gud mng

So so happy today a 36size jeans which I could never fit in since I bought it when I wore today fitted me perfectly even a bit loose from waist so happy ..thank you
And yes today did walk for 60 mins

Another client



I was overweight most probably since birth ..never took any interest in weight loss or any other exercise options as being always overweight and the pampered child as being the only child.Some time back my weight came in 3 figures thatÒ€ℒs when I realised I need to do something about it but did not know from where ..someone in family suggested herbalife tried it as well but it was not practical hence left it from there ..since I keep on reading through the your weight loss blog came across the programme .so happy I have finally started it and now I feel my weight getting down finally and the best part is I love eggs ,paneer and cheese and I am so happy that I can eat all these in your programme ,finally started with 45 mins walk 15-20 sit ups and learning swimming  on weekend helping me as well ..finally started all with full dedication ..hope to lose the xtra weight and be fit in near future .

Tarun  and the team are very helpful who always help me in each way .



Thanks you so much

A few key features that you would get nowhere –

  • No starvation. Variety of foods that will never let you get bored.
  • Customized Weekly Diet Plans
  • Everyday follow up. We tweak the plan as per your experience on the previous day. After all, its all abut getting health everyday and not just lose weight.
  • Instant response through emails.
  • Guidance on every step, even when you wish to know what can you eat when dining out with friends.

We have now opened registrations for this month and if you are interested then check out the details  here.


Stay fit and stay beautiful πŸ™‚




















  1. Wow!!! Dis is an incredible work in such a short time πŸ™‚ Kudos to the team and lot more to come πŸ™‚

  2. The new scale and weight difference looks awesome! Seems she is your weight loss program star :-p
    Great work guys helping people to lose weight is the greatest thing these days. Keep it up.

    • Lol πŸ™‚ you are a beautiful star and we are happy to make you lose weight and the journey has just begun πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Anamika,
    Great going.. its so inspiring πŸ™‚ to see weight loss happening!
    Do let me know if and when I can join the the programm!
    Want to get on the weight loss journey!


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