Japanese Beauty Secrets

Japanese people are known for their skin. They have beautiful flawless white and untarnished skin. My friend always wished to be born in Japan so that she could have a beautiful skin like them.
Japanese skin care products are well known in the world and recently many magazines and experts have revealed their secrets.
One of the most popular beauty secret of Japenses is Wakame which is also known as beauty preserver .It is one of the rare ingredient which is considered to be quite nutritious is found in Japense sea. Most of the Japenese women eat it as a delicacy.
It helps in fighting harmful enzymes known as hyaluronidase which binds together elastin and collagen in order to maintain skin smoothness and elasticity. Loss of it leads to dry or wrinkles skin and even dark circles.
Though nor readily available in market you will find many companies coming up with this sea kelp extract in moisturizer too which makes skin smooth, clean and younger looking.
Japanese eats lot of oranges as they consider vitamin C very good for the skin. Japanese think that orange deoxidize and break melanin which result in a white smoother skin.
Azuki which is a kind of a red bean is rubbed by them on their face gently which removes blemishes and make their face smooth too.

Are you aware of any Japanese Beauty secrets?



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