Javanese Lulur Spa Ritual-My Experience


Javanese Lulur Spa Ritual

HI my dear girls,

I visited a nearby Spa the other day, I opted for a royal treatment, which is called the Javanese Lulur Spa treatment. This treatment finds its origin from Indonesia. Let me share with you what is all about. It is a wonderful spa ritual usually done for brides to be. It is so refreshing and just apt for this change of season. Javanese Lulur treatment is usually given for 40 days to the to be bride before her marriage.

I entered the spa to be welcomed by a nice ambience. I was then taken to my therapy room and given a foot ritual, by soaking my feet in water with fresh rose petals. All pressure points were pressed and I was made ready for my awesome ritual.

Step 1:

I changed into disposable robes, the treatment started with a massage, the oil used had base of coconut oil infused with some flowers. The massage was invigorating, I had severe back pain and thus it got sorted out. I enjoyed the massage for about 50 minutes and was wondering what is next. I took some green tea after the massage and ate some nuts served at the spa.

Step 2:

After the massage, I was given a scrub, made with rice, turmeric, sandalwood and fragrant oils. The scrubbing was given all over the body; the scented oils included jasmine oil & rose hip . The scrubbing is done gently which left me clean. All blackheads and dead skin is removed with this scrubbing effect. The ritual is more like ubtan.


Javanese Lulur Spa Ritual


Step 3:

After the scrub, a cleansing shower is given, with warm water. All the scrub is rubbed off clean, the residue is cleaned with warm water. You get clean skin without any traces of dirt.

Step 4:

After a cleansing shower, natural yoghurt is splashed all over the body. The yogurtÒ€ℒs enzymes stimulate the cell activity and restore the pH balance of the skin, which feels as soft as silk after the yogurt is washed away.


Body Massage experience


Step 5:

After an amazing splash treatment, a dip into fragrant flowers with essential oils is made ready. The tub has warm water, warm enough for you to sit and relax. I sipped my herbal tea while enjoying the warm dip. Over all I really enjoyed this ritual, it was wonderful and recommend all of you to try once πŸ™‚


Spa treatment


Benefits of Javanese Lulur treatment:

1. Eases out joint pain,
2. Relaxes the senses,
3. The oils moisturize the body and the massage helps in toning up the body.
4. The scrubbing effect removes the blackheads, and gives clean skin,
5. The yoghurt splash maintains the ph balance of the skin.
6. Overall, the blood circulation increases, leaves you with glowing skin in total πŸ™‚

Hope you all like my post, thanks for reading, much love to all.

Have you tried Javanese Lulur Spa Ritual Treatment?


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