Jean Paul Gautier Classique 

Tell who wouldn’t love a really lovely floral perfume in a beautiful sexy bottle. 😀 And that too when your hubby gifts it to you. My hubby got this for me during one of his trips abroad I had only one condition when he asked me what perfume I wanted. I want a beautiful floral one. Then he got me this :P. . JEAN PAUL GAUTIER CLASSIQUE. I am totally in love with this (but second to my Givenchy Eau de moiselle.)

JEAN PAUL GAUTIER CLASSIQUE. perfume reviews+Jean Paul Gautier perfume+jean paul

Following in the footsteps of all Jean Paul Gautier perfumes, this one is shaped as a woman from neck to thigh wearing a corset. (Their perfumes for men are shaped as a man :P)

I must be really boring with all these repeated floral perfumes but this one is different. This is again a floral perfume but with a touch of oriental. Some sites call it Floriental.

Its one of the very few perfumes which is heavy enough to last the whole day but still not too overpowering. You can actually smell the perfumes in your clothes the day after too. This makes it a perfect wear for heavy use. I mean you have a function in your family where you run around doing chores and sweating like hell and still should smell lovely. The reason why I mention a function is the price which was $65 two years back.

Jean paul gaultier classique prix perfume reviews+perfume jean paul+perfume reviews

This is what says about the perfume:

“A contrasting fragrance featuring sensual, ultra-feminine notes… Top notes offer the tenderness of rose played up with the freshness of star anise. In the middle notes, the spicy sweetness of orange blossom is combined with the aphrodisiac notes of ginger. Base notes feature the caressing sensuality of vanilla and amber wood.”

To summarise, this is a must buy luxury perfume. And might actually be your HG for your wedding. I give it 5/5. There’s nothing I hate about this perfume.

Have you tried Jean Paul Gautier Classqiue Perfume ?

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  1. Wowww! U r sooo lucky sunandha! Ur hubby is so sweet to gift u all the time! 😀
    I want my bf also to do the same for me! 😉

    N This sounds soooo lovely! nice review! :-))

  2. yes lovely n unique!

    even i gifted my guy a DIESEL Perfume ..which was like a man’s punch! 😀
    even he loved the shape of the perfume more than the perfume! 😛

  3. This was one perfume that I used straight for over two years. Almost made it my signature scent but then I cheated 😉 Still looking for ”the one”. It’s beautiful and will never go out of style. Classique is a perfect name for this classic. Great review.


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