Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets


Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets

Jennifer Aniston is one of my favourite Hollywood celebrities and I am in awe of her since I saw her in FRIENDS. Wow! What a beauty she is. Her girl next door look is something I admire and she almost seems ageless, isn’t it?

But how does she do that? I mean there has to be some beauty secret she has that keeps her age at bay! This thought made me research around her and I found that there are a lot of things she follows stringently and that is what works on her so much. I read a few interviews she gave and believe me she is not even one percent of artificial cosmetic surgery supporter. She uses natural methods like we would prefer and the results are visible on the 40 something year old actress who looks like someone in late 20s.

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Let me share what I read. Read on for the best methods to retain your beauty.

Jennifer Aniston specifically mentioned that she gives the credit of her beauty to the strict pursuance of this very practice. She drinks a lot of water every day and this makes her skin glow and keeps her energetic all through the day. She keeps on sipping water at regular intervals which tones her skin. The glow on her face is not a result of some makeup, but this habit of having water. As it is mentioned everywhere, one must drink 5-7 litres of water every day to stay fit.

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Physical Exercise

Jennifer Aniston is an avid runner. Yes! She loves to run and she does that every day without fail. She ensures that she runs for at least 20 minutes every day. Also she is an avid Yoga follower. And she believes that the stretching exercises keep her body fit.

Healthy Breakfast

For breakfast she prefers oats and fruits like grapefruit. She also has almond milk and berries along. Wow! What a health freak she is!

Beauty Regime

For her skin, apart from drinking water and eating healthy, she uses a few selected products persistently and maintains the look she has since years! At the end of her day, she uses a scrub. She moisturizes her skin frequently during the day, keeping it hydrated and lively all day long. She says the products she uses keep her skin soft all the time. For her hair, she uses Living Proof Hair Products to keep her hair as ravishing as they are. These products keep her hair UV protected, shiny and beautiful.

For her makeup, she uses a Chanel Foundation which is all in one. Apart from that she uses lip balm and almost prefers a nude makeup. Her hair also are almost the same every time, but makes her look so pretty. She keeps her hair open almost in every appearance she makes. If she tries something different, it would be a pony tail falling on her neck, which she says keeps her comfortable, and she loves it messier.

Now, I am sure you would agree that she also loves the girl next door look which we ourselves enjoy. Isn’t she really a normal human being like us who does not prefer too much makeup, keeps herself free with a simple pony tail. Does a bit of exercising like we do or we should. I totally adore her.

Do you like this stunning Hollywoood Actress?

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