Jennifer Aniston Hair Care Secrets


Jennifer Aniston Hair Care Secrets

Jennifer Aniston or Rachel from Friends, as we may remember is a style icon. She has not been touched by age, it seems. Her skin, her hair and her figure, all are same as ever. I am a big fan of hers and as you might also be observing, I am writing more and more about her these days. I just love the way she looks and carries herself. She has the finest skin tone, her hair and body are so well maintained.

Regarding her hair, I read through her brand Living Proof which she started using for one of the promotions and then finally ended up promoting it as an investor! Now, this is what I call a real investment. She is now the face at the front and at the back for the company. Her stylist Chris Macmillan also vouches for her hair care. She says that Jennifer is very particular about her hair care and she does it without fail. The basic steps she does are – shampooing and conditioning everyday using deep conditioners. She also refrains from using curling irons or flatirons on her hair. For curls, she prefers using round brushes.

short layered hair

Regarding off-shoot days, she tries to get easy on her looks and she always wants to be seen in loose hair, low braids or buns to have her own comfort. She is not very fuzzy about having different styles of hairstyles and prefers her natural look for most times. Until very necessary, she barely goes for any styling, isn’t it unreal for someone’s profession that is all about reels. Well I am amazed at her down-to-earth persona that is so unreal!

Regular Hair cuts

I also read that she goes for a haircut every six weeks. She maintains her hair well and keeps them aloof chemicals and artificial products till the time possible. Even on the red carpet, amidst millions of people watching her on and off camera, she is seen in her natural hair looks or loose pony tails or braids. Sometimes, I wonder why makeup and hairstyle, such a taboo is for other celebrities when someone could look so wonderful without any such tantrums or concerns.

It is not that she has not experimented with her hair ever. As I read she got a bob cut done during 2000-2001, where she sported a bob cut. In fact her hair stylist claims that she has always sported a comfortable yet trendy hairstyle with changes in partings, pony tails etc. which is very true if you go through the timeline of her hair that she has sported in her appearances in movies, sitcoms etc.

Rachel’s Trademark Hairstyle

By far her best look is the one she sported in Friends as Rachel Green. Seriously the highlighted blonde hair style has been her iconic look which is still a rave amongst people. I am sure you would agree to me when I say that highlights and specially the zebra highlights are definitely the ones that were first tried on her.

 friends hairstyle

Her own brand Living Proof is today very successful as she personally met the scientists, tried the products, clarified her doubts and today stands herself as the face of it as testimony to the brand’s image and product quality. Pretty much says it all about her and the brand.

Do you like her flawless looking hair?

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