Jergens All Purpose Face Cream Review


Jergens All Purpose Face cream Review

Hello Sweeties!

Jergens All Purpose Face cream Reviews+dry skin face cream

Many girls have asked me to review on Jergens All purpose Face cream as they always had questions like “Ric, what do you use for under eye finelines”? and I used to answer Jergens face cream. What foot cream do you use?? Before Aroma magic ice camphor foot cream, I used to always answer Jergens all purpose cream. This cream is a super stud. It is like a one stop solution to most of my skin troubles. A wonderful product to have! And a blessing for dry skin beauties :-).

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jergens all purpose face cream ingredients+jergens face cream reviews

About Jergens All Purpose Face Cream:-


Deep Cleansing, Softening, Moisturizing.

Deep cleans your skin to remove makeup and dirt and provides a radiant, dewy base for makeup. Also softens and moisturises to help smooth skin and fight dryness.

  • Directions for use: Smooth generously over your face and throat. Remove with a tissue or leave on overnight.
  • Price: Rs.220 for 425gms

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 Cream is pinkish white in color

Jergens All Purpose Face cream Reviews+best face cream

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My experience with Jergens All Purpose Face Cream :-


Indeed a multi purpose cream and can be used as and when you like. This cream is a blessing for dry skin or I would say made for dry skin beauties. I have used this as an under eye cream(Read wunder eye cream review  and Biotique  under eye cream  too ) , night cream, for make up removal, as a foot cream, as a body lotion. It’s just perfect for everything. It doesn’t help for dark circles but definitely helps in reducing fine lines. This makes a good anti-aging cream. Dry skin beauties can easily add this in their night skincare regime and apply it as a night cream to wake up and see glowing, soft, moisturizing face. However, I will advise oily/combination/acne prone skin, do not use this as there are chances that you might break out. This face cream is also very good for make up removal, doesn’t sting my eyes and the eye make up comes off easily with this.As a foot cream, I apply this to my feet everynight during winters and wear a socks and sleep and all I get to see is nice clean and soft feet. 🙂 As a body lotion, now jergens also have body lotion creams which are FAB, I tried and love it and finished it. And when I finished it, I have used this as body lotion during winters and it never disappointed me. Basically this is the best cream for dry skin I would say. A trick is if you want a dewy base, simply put some of this cream on the cotton ball apply all over your face after 2mins wash off and then apply your make up. Your skin will glow and application of make up wil be damn smooth :-). Also, the quantity of the product is so much that it will stay with u like forever, seriously I ve been using this from 2yrs and as you can see not even finished half of the tub. This is made in USA and can be available in big wholesale shop like Beauty centre Mumbai or may also be available in big chemist shop and places where you get imported stuff.

The texture is like that of a cold cream, slightly thick cream.

Jergens All Purpose Face cream Reviews+moisturizing face cream

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What I like about Jergens All Purpose Face Cream-


  • Blessing for dry skin problems
  • Good anti aging cream
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Works as a foot cream
  • Works as a make up remover
  • Works as a night cream
  • Gives dewy look for make up base
  • Great quantity
  • Paraben Free

What I dislike about Jergens All Purpose Face Cream:-


  • Not suitable for oily/acne prone skin as a night cream.
  • Availabilty is a problem
  • A little too heavy so takes time to absorb in the skin.

Will I re purchase Jergens All Purpose Face Cream– Sure! But let me just finish the one I have 😉

And I will definitely suggest you girls to buy this. It’s a great investment :-).

Have you tried Jergens All Purpose Face Cream?

Rating – 4.5/5

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    • Gm…A! HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYY SUNDAY!! 😀 :-* :hug-makeup:

      Yes it is! My Aunt’s who stay in US also use this..coz their skin gets too dry during winters naa! They swear by this.. n 1 of this tub lasttttttt forever. :tap-dance:
      mera aadha tub bhi nai khatam hua hai! 😛 😛

  1. will surely do tht..
    can atleast lay my hands on jergens body lotion 🙂
    thanks for introducing me to such a great product :tap-dance: :tap-dance:

    :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

  2. Waaahhhhhhh :yippee: every1 yaad kring me subah subah :p ”oops..oopss…ooopsss” :rotfl: :hug-makeup:
    ric it sounds gud..but i cnt think of using it.. 🙁 i hv stopped using creams long time ago.. Swear by hydrating light weight body lotions :chic: :-* nice reviwwwuuuuu

    • Ohhh koi nai.. Upsi!its ur choice… but this is a multi purpose cream and stays for like forever…toh ek toh banta hai…thankiees anyway! 😀

      haa subah subaah mujhe bhi bahotttt saaraa…ooopsss dher saara pyaar bhara khat aaya! 😉 :-* :hug-makeup: :dance-left-right: :yippee:

  3. dis a miracle product for dry skinn ric :-* :-* :yippee: :yippee: happyyyyyyy sundayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy galsssssssssssss :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  4. how far this ll works for a combination skin ric..?? by looking at the multiple purpose that it does this seems to be a super fab product.. :-)) :-))

    • shaba…m a combo skin type too.. its great for all skintype as far as it is not used as a night cream which only dry skin girlies can dare to do! :-))

  5. awesome cream! too good a post! this reduces fine lines around the eyes.!!! BLESSING for me.. i m refraining from wearing eyeshadows just bcoz of these damned lines…. 🙁 😥

    u r a savior Ric!! any idea we get this online somewhere?

    or i wil ask somebody to pick it for me from the States or Dubai!!!! LOVE U :dance-left-right:

    • Yea Rev..u can ask some one to get it for u from Dubai if its avail der or else UT stocks jergens product so I ve told dem to stock this cream.. Hopefully they l do it! 😀 :wilt:


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