Jergens Mild Soap Review


Jergens Mild Soap Review

I was doing my regular shopping at the supermarket and was planning to buy a bar soap that I hadn’t tried before. That’s when this soap caught my attention. I’d heard good things about Jergens products and wanted to try something from the brand especially after reading Ana’s review of the Soothing Aloe Relief Skin Cooling Moisturizer here. I’d bought this soap and taken pics of it with the intention of reviewing it about 4 to 5 months ago I guess, so this is long pending 😀

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About Jergens Mild Soap Review

We use only the finest ingredients to ensure your soap is mild and has a clean, fresh scent and rich lather. Trust the mildness for yourself and your whole family.

  • Ingredients:
jergens mild soap ingredient+mild soap for face

  •  Quantity: 125 gms
  • Price: INR 40
  • Shelf-life: 3 years from date of mfg
  • Availability: I got mine from Big Bazar. It’s also available online at Unbantouch

My experience with Jergens Mild Soap:

It looks like any basic soap: white, rectangular with rounded edges. The fragrance is similar to nivea cream but it is mild and very soothing. This lathers really well and skin feels fresh and clean just as claimed. Though I never use soap on my face (unless it’s Dove) I tried using this on my face a couple of times since it claims to be super mild and has no sulphates. It left my skin feeling soft and did not give me any breakouts. Those with sensitive skin swear by this soap. I’ve also heard that this suits those who are allergic to other soaps. Performance-wise I find this quite similar to Johnsons Baby Soap but I would prefer this over the latter since it is milder and does not dry out the skin. Also, did u know that Johnsons Baby Soap does not suit most babies?? Yep…surprisingly many pediatricians don’t recommend it. Also, an alarming number of babies today suffer from some form of eczema or atopic dermatitis and regular baby soaps like Johnson’s seem to further dry out the skin and cause itching and rashes. This is where soaps like Dove and Jergens come to the rescue. Dove soaps tend to leave behind a thin film of moisture on the skin which some (esp. my husband :-P) do not seem to like. Jergens soap leaves the skin squeaky clean but not to the extent that it leaves the skin dry and scaly.

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What I like about Jergens Mild soap:

  • Mild, soothing fragrance
  • Creamy lather
  • Leaves skin soft and squeaky clean without stripping away natural moisture
  • Excellent for those with sensitive skin and soap-allergy
  • Did not give me breakouts even when used on the face
  • Will suit all skin types
  • Can be used by all ages and hence a family soap
  • Soap bar doesn’t melt (when stored away from heat) and lasts really long
  • No parabens or sulphates
  • Reasonably priced for the quality and quantity

What I don’t like about Jergens Mild soap:

  • Availability might be an issue for some
  • Those with very dry skin will need to follow-up with a moisturizer

Rating: 4.8/5

Final Verdict:

If you like mild, non-irritating soaps, free from sulpahtes and parabens, do give this a try. Those with normal or dry skin may not feel there’s anything great about this soap. But those with sensitive skin are going to love it!

Have you tried Jergens Mild Soap ?

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    • Hi Anaaaa! :hug-makeup: Johson’s top-to-toe liquid wash is good to start with. Pls don’t use the bar soap…its too harsh. If ur baby has very dry skin, nothing beats TEDDY BAR soap. Its the best and one that most dermatologists n paediatricians reccomend :-))

      • me too use J&J – tips to toe body wash for my son.. Its much better than the J&J Soap.. I feel the soap is ok when it is new, by as days pass by I feel its harsh on the skin.. 🙂

        • u all momies are going to give me so many tips….i can’t wait to use baby shampoos, wiped, body lotions….kab ayega woh din 😛

          • J&J has got so many products ana.. i am surprised to see here.. J&J hair conditioner, detangler, bed time bath wash, bed time lotion,body lotion, body cream, oil gel, sunscreen lotion, massage oils, baby wipes, nappy cream apart from oil, shampoos and powder we use normally . i wish i had a girl baby to try more J&J hair products.. 🙂

        • yes thats cause the TFM wear off cause there is hardly anything there. A babys skin is generally oily and thus the soap takes the excess oil out. But today babys come differently….When a soap bar cracks that means there is only chemical left. it should be thrown out….

  1. sounds so good!

    Navneet…you know what?? i have a pending post for the last 6 months…my Accessories haul post. i take pictures and just leave…now i can add my last 4 purchases too!! God knows when i’ll finish the post!!!

  2. I dnt like Dove :-\
    will try this one….
    M waiiting for jergens all purpose cream…pata ne kab urbantouch pe ayegi :-\

      • it dsnt suit me…it make my skin more dry… nd moreover it take too much time soap ko hatane mein 😛
        my father bought an Aloe Vera soap for me… though i need to apply moisturizer as soon as i came out of bathroom bt i’m liking it…. 🙂

  3. Oh dear..I did not know that Johnson’s baby soap is not good..I alwys followed up with baby moisturizer so dint notice the dryness…I am definitely going to switch to something like this..thanks for the info dear..n Ana doctors don’t recommend using any soap on babies for at least a couple of months..their skin is very sensitive and could have rashes..I used olive oil for her skin for two months

    • Me too :high-five: Though i have oily skin, there’z some feel-good factor when i use Dove. N my mom swears by it!! 🙂

    • it has sulphates……………………thats why it foams……only soaps and shampoos made for dermatitis have no sulphur and they are minus any lather what so ever……don’t be fooled….

  4. Hey awesome review gal!
    Jergens products r avail at urbantouch! N also u r right doc’s don recco johnson’s baby soap coz it has parabens even the mild johnson’s baby lotion has parabens!
    Will pick dis 4 sure! :))

  5. 1. If you have an oily kadai just drop in a drop of Johnsons baby shampoo and u will see the oil in the kadai split like as if u have put vim in it.

    2. Do u look behind the soap to see the word TFM? total fatty matter. It shows the grade of the soap. In India currently only Godrej and Park avenue soaps are GRADE 1.

    Total Fatty Matter (TFM) is a measure for grading the bathing soaps.
    The soaps would be graded on the basis of the fatty matter present in them.
    Generally soaps with TFM more than 80% are said to be of Grade 1
    soaps with TFM more than 65% and below 80% are said to be Grade 2.

    For soap the main ingredien is ‘fatty matter’ extracted either from plants or from animals and fragrance, colour.
    Other than these most soaps contain sodium and potassium salts as the key ingredients. So if the fatty matter is more the soap would be soft towards skin. Read ure labels ladies…….

    The more transparent the soap the better. Pears is one but doesnt mention grade one or 2 and another good one in mumbai si Nezal Naturelle. availiable at hyper city….has essential oils heals psoraisis of skin….i will be reviewing it with a visit to the soap factory so u can see first hand how soap is made that too with essential oils.


    • sorry Nisita…saw this comment only now. No, it doesn’t help oily skin, acne or blemishes. It’s a regular, mild, hydrating soap 🙂

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