Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief Skin Cooling Moisturizer Review



I have been using Jergens soothing  Aloe relief moisturizer for one and half month which claims to be a skin cooling moistuizer with aloe and Eucalyptus in it.

What Kind of Moisturizer do I require right now.– The region where I am living in right now is neither too hot, humid or cold  .Temperature here generally stays between 25 degree to 35 degree therefore my body do not starve for lot of moisturizer but does require good amount of moisturizer to keep itself soft.I have a comibation skin which is little dry nowadays and I like lathering lots of moisturizer on my skin provided it doesn’t make me feel greasy.


Jergens aloe relief moisturizing body lotion reviews



What Jergens  Moisturizer Claims


kin Comforting Moisturizer with natural aloe, cucumber & eucalyptus.

Hydrates & Relieves

Experience all the ways the Jergens® collection of moisturizers give skin a subtle allure that captivates.

Moisturize into soothed skin.

Indulge in a body lotion with a soft heart for tired skin. Jergens® Soothing Aloe Relief Skin Comforting Moisturizer will be there to help reliever dryness from head to toe when the wind, cold and sun get under your skin. Enriched with aloe, cucumber and eucalyptus, it is as much a physical relief for dry uncomfortable skin as it is an instant, all-dry rescue form environmental stresses. Used daily, skin looks healthier, feels softer, and behaves better with increased moisture content.

Made with natural Aloe, Cucumber and Eucalyptus, know to help soothe, heal, relieve and refresh dry skin.

  • Price – I got it from health and glow of INR 229 for 295ml .You can get it from Urban  in INR 210 outside India it cost around $5-$6 for 500ml
  • Ingredients:-
Jergens aloe relief moisturizer ingredients

  • Fragrance – It has light aloe vera and Eucalyptus fragrance which is refreshing and relaxing and is not long lasting.
  • Packaging – It comes a in flip top bottle which I won’t be comfortable taking along with me while traveling as 300ml is too much of a quantity to travel with.
  • Texture – Lotion is white thick in texture and little amount is needed for all over body moisturization.

My experience with Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief Skin Cooling Moisturizer 


Jergens aloe moisturiser reviews

I  really liked this moisturizer as it calms downs my skin with its cooling sensation effect.It has nice moisturizing capabilities without making me feeling greasy  no matter how much I lather it on as per the weather requirement.300 ml quantity of the product lasts for long long time .I have been using it since two months and still their is 10-11 days product left in the bottle.

It’s not sticky, stays moist and goes on really smooth.It sinks into my skin without much of an effort.


Jergens aloe moisturizer eucalyptus moisturizers reviews



What more Do I wish In Jergens aloe moisturizer


  • SPF
Might not work for


  • Those who have extremely dry skin may have to re apply it after a while


  • Cooling sensation is great to be used during summers but I  certainly won’t like it in winters.
Wise She Rating 
  • Overall – 3.8/5
  • Moisturizing – 3.5/5
  • Price –4/5
  • Fragrance -4/5
  • Effectiveness – 3.5/5


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  1. Hey I have seen this in big bazar racks.
    but never bought it though!!!
    it sounds very relaxing one !!! might give it a try after my st ives body lotion gets over !!

  2. I have the same pink bowl on the back of the table! 😀

    I am a big fan of Jergen’s facial cream, but have never tried their lotions as I keep trying St Ives or TBS. Will chk it out 😀

  3. Hey I have this..the bada wala dabba..i got this for J actually 🙂 🙂 Its very soothing for sure..And i actually really like the fragrance 🙂

  4. wese to am a st. ives fan but will try this for sure. not this one , instead another variety from the same brand. thanks for reviewing it anamika. 🙂


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